• When: 04/14/18
  • Workout Style: Boot Camp
  • QIC: CouchPotato
  • PAX: JWow, BackSplash, LunchBox, LadyBug, Linus, Plebe, PurpleRain, Birdman, Barnackle, Pasqually, HotLips, Cooter, Staypuft, CouchPotato [respect]
  • AO: Cape Carteret Expansion, Field of Dreams

Ahhhh, yes, spring is in the air. The smell of fresh cut grass, the sound of sprinklers, the slight gentle breeze raising off the early morning cool dew. It’s Western Park, the “FIELD OF DREAMS” and a last minute Q change, so let’s get this party started!!!

QIC arrived on hoof early to survey and work out the nervous energy. The bar has been set high lately and I did not want to disappoint. A few of the strong experienced PAX were gathered at the SHOVEL FLAG by 6:55A, and I still didn’t have the game face on, so when in doubt, my “go to” is the run. So I did a few sprints up and back on the soccer field, looked at my watch as if I was planning something special, but still no idea… Maybe this would throw them a curve ball, but no, they are tough, these guys are tough. 6:59am QIC  gathered the PAX in order of size, 3 groups of 4-5. QIC saw no fear the the eyes of these intimidating men. 7a sharp, Hard Start


PIC-UP-NIC TABLES- remember the groups, 4 pax on the edge of the table, 1 on the table, men lift table while each takes a turn doing 10 MERKINS, in rotation. It was worth a shot, looking for a little bicep workout, but after just one complete round and some belly aching from the crowd, we OMAHA’d to the field for:


B.O.M.B.S.  [up the anti] – partner A runs, partner B starts –  200 BURPEES –  250 OVERHEAD CLAPS – 300 MERKINS – 350 – BIG BOY SIT UPS – 400 SQUATS some over achiever pax ran to the monkey bars for pull ups while waiting for the six, this crowd is tough… Surprisingly, this took up a good bit of the hour [Muhahaha, Muhahaa!!!! see my pic for full effect]

THE COOL DOWN – to the shelter for 30 DIPS IC, 30 BOX JUMPS [or step ups], 20 ERKINS, then off to the SHOVEL FLAG

MARY – A plethora of exercises from the PAX in rotation. Superman, Dying Cockroaches, X’s and O’s, low Slow Flutters done quickly…, Cotton Pickers to the Hard Stop at 8am

Announcements and prayers followed, missed you Laettner, and hope the family is in good spirits. Another beautiful end of workout but beginning of day prayer by Cooter as the we remember a friend who passed suddenly, Mark Sayger. Please keep the family in your prayers. Also hopes for wisdom for our politicians, and safety for our service members throughout the world, especially our own REDSKIN stationed in South Korea.

As always, it’s an honor gents. Good to see all make the journey, the old IRON got sharpened today, thanks for the push!

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