As I walked out the door, it seemed the rain had eased off just a bit. Maybe I won’t have to change things up too much. Although Croatan has a constant wind of about 50mph all year round, we did change thing up just a little. The gathering happened under the shelter of a roof by the back door and Gym entrance. 11 MEN for the hard start with a different warmarama. We started with running in place to the song “Whip it” and a Down and Up when “Whip” was sung. After that a little mosey to the auditorium entrance which is also a covered area. Partner up for Booyah Merkins to the beat of “We Will Rock You” by Queen. After about 10 seconds Purple Rain started complaining about the length of the song. Another mosey to the main entrance, again a little shelter for Freddy Mercury to the beat of “Bicycle Race” again by Queen. A mosey over to the covered walkway along the auditorium wall for BTTW. On the wall as long as you could while “Another One Bites the Dust” after you fall sumo squat position until the song ends. Mosey back to the backside of the school to the fountain, which has the highest little wall for Step ups while we listened to “Cowboys From Hell” by Pantera. Surprisingly this happened to be a crowd favorite!


50 Merkins

50 Alternating shoulder taps

75 squats100 WW1 ‘s

partner moseyed to band field and back

back to the gym entrance for a combination of SSH and Seal Claps during “Centerfold” fot the last musical selection. This was it for me, SSH Sean to be my Achilles heel lately for my knee. But Laetner kept it light with his rendition of my hobbling 😂😂. I’ve missed you Laetner!!!

Mary with PAX choice with Backups cadence of Superman’s being the highlight of the workout!!

Namearama is where the title of this Backblast came from thanks Sparkles and Cooter!!

Kiwi led out for the rest of our day with a great prayer

Peace ☮️


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