• When: 06/07/18
  • Workout Style: Boot Camp
  • QIC: Laettner
  • PAX: Snookie, Pillbox (Respect), Buttoncap, Maytag, FNG (Respect)- "Billy Mays", Couch Potato (Respect), Griswold, Skimmer, Kiwi, World Cup, Barnacle, Navy (Respect), Newman, Sparkles, Cooter, Ennis, Laettner
  • AO: Back Blasts, Cape Carteret Expansion, Croatan High School, Rolling Stone

This morning, YHC awoke to no alarm, a dead phone and his watch reading 5:25am. Absolute Epic Fail. Getting ready as fast as humanly possible and flying up Hwy. 24, YHC found the PAX being led by THE man of the West- Griswold in some Warmarama. Joining the PAX and stretching the number to 17, Griswold allowed YHC to lead to which 5 burpees were called out for the lateness of the Q. My sincere apologies fellas. Thanks for still giving me the Q.

Mosey around a now commonly locked gate to get to the track (what are they trying to communicate?!) it was time to get into 2 groups to do some exercises similar to the way “Murph” was set up. Griswold led a group around the track while YHC led the other group in called exercises and then they would switch.

Burpees X 10
Laps 1 and 2- Hand Release Merkins (10 SC) Alternating Shoulder Taps (20 IC) Low Slow Flutters (30 IC)
Lap 3- Every 1/4 Mile PAX does 5 Burpees
Laps 4 and 5- Catch Me If You Can Indian Run (3 Burpees then run to the front)
Lap 6- Burpees (10) LBS’s AMRAP
Lap 7- Hand Release Merkins (The Whole Time)
Lap 8 run half way and come back and pick up the 6 and head to the Flags

Back at the Flags for
Hand Release Merkins SC x 20
Burpees SC x 10
Freddy Merc’s IC X 25

Hard Stop

Awesome push by the PAX this morning. Snookie let YHC know just how much he is loved and appreciated (T-Claps to you man for pushing yourself). Thanks for helping lead today Griswold, and everyone for pushing themselves hard. The Western PAX is a much BIGGER and STRONGER group of men today than it was a little over a year ago in so many ways. Every time one of you posts, you not only help yourself and your family, but you encourage and push every other man out there. Maytag, Buttoncap, Couch Potato, Sparkles, Snook and Gris… you guys do a heck of a job of leading by example. Continue on fellas!!

Prayer Requests- Blarts M, Newman’s friend who discovered she has cancer again, all of our Graduates and their families, and our guys battling the stupid injuries and setbacks. YHC led in prayer and thanked God for who He is and asked for wisdom for us all as we live out loud for Him. Thanks for letting me Q guys… next time I’ll have to Sound the Alarm (and make sure she is charged up good!)


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