• When: 4/27/2018
  • Workout Style: Interval
  • QIC: Dogtown
  • PAX: Boss Tweed, Graco, Big Mic, Bunyon, Wifi
  • AO: Man-O-War

We did a countdown work out starting at 10 reps per exercise and worked our way all the way down to 4 reps per exercise. (10 per then 9 etc.)

We ran to 4 different stations around a block in Beaufort, doing a different exercise at each station:

  • Station 1: Burpees single count
  • Station 2: Push ups 10 in cadence
  • Station 3: Squats in cadence
  • Station 4: Dips in cadence

We completed the entire work out at 6:11am

From there I shared a devotional on John 11 in reference to when Jesus was moved with compassion to the point of weeping. Even though he knew he was going to raise Lazarus from the dead, he still wept with Lazarus’s sisters Mary and Martha because he felt their pain. In life so often we can forget that Jesus Christ empathizes with our weakness because he knows what it is like to go through hard things. Whats even more wonderful about him though is that he can do the impossible, and heal the wounds inside no one else can heal. We can be ultimately confident of that, if we choose to believe and trust that he died and rose again for us.

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