• When: 1/16/2020
  • Workout Style: Bootcamp
  • QIC: Snooki
  • PAX: Blart (respect) Navy(respect) Frank N Beans(respect respect) Kiwi Honeywagon Cheech BigDig (respect respect) McSketti(respect) Sunbrella Griswold Purple Rain Sparkles Dash 8(respect) Huckabee(respect) Ponch(respect) Princess Harambe(respect)FNG Snooki(respect)
  • AO: Back Blasts

I was very pleased to see the turnout this morning with the PAX knowing the suck that was about to happen, well some of them anyway😈. As I start the mission statement Navy comes in at about 60 mph jumping out of the car James Bond style so no burpees…yet. Continuing on with the core principles and disclaimer for the FNG we did a quick warmup with Cotton Pickers. With technology the way it can be sometimes, my first exercise had to be modified so 25 Merkins. From here it was mosey out to the track for one lap and then back to the wall with stops along the way:

50 Catalina Wine Mixers

50 Donkey Kick


50 Merkins

50 Sumo squats

100 calf raises

50 Alt Shoulder Taps IC

50 burpees. This was Omaha’d since half the pax was looking like something from the Walking Dead. To the wall for derkins 20 then a 10 count of people’s chair where some PAX expressed their true love and devotion to the Dallas Cowboys! Gotta love a closet fan!!
back to the flag for 50 more LBC’s then a hard stop.
Announcements and prayer requests were given, I think, then Kiwi took us out

I do have to say that no matter how long you stay out or away from the F3 family, when you do come out it’s like you never left. I appreciate each and every one of you!! You are ALL part of my family and I love all “Yous guys”!

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