I miss the 14-18 PAX events but today was a very enjoyable group of great guys. After well over a year, I still get nervy when the Warm-A-Rama comes so I suck at it, today we tried Superman Yellow Sun [and Red Sun], got through it. Want to know what it is?, I encourage you to go to the F3 Exicon, for that and many other awesome ideas. We [YHC] were well overdue for some new experiences. So right to the THANGS:

In no particular order, the Buffet included Wall Worms, Dirty Hook-Ups, Wall assisted One Arm Merkins, WW1’s, Dragon Walks, Duck Walks, and Contra Burpees… We did abbreviated 21’s with Sumo Squats and Curb Durkins, A Mosey here and a Mosey there, I gave an example of “Play it Cool” for another day, mixed it up with PAX choice Mary Style, we added Monkey Humpers, Dying CockRoaches, repeated some of the earlier medley back at the Wall, ATM’s, Burpees, and closed out with some Freddie Merc’s with a Hard Stop.

Navy has the Mullet Wrapper Friday, I’m sure it will be a winner. That’s one tough dude, is there ever a down day? By the end of a Q, my brain is mush. I always appreciate a friend closing out the COT for the PAX, he never hesitates, thank you KIWI! I only hope it’s not because the workout sucked and you’re still fresh… another strong dude. PillBox and Maytag, great men and great support for all, it was my pleasure and an honor.

We give away In his name, CP

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