• When: 7/06/2018
  • Workout Style: Boot Camp
  • QIC: Buckeye
  • PAX: Ron Burgundy (Respect) Navy (Respect) Dash 8(Respect) Squid, Newman, Kiwi, Nature Boy, Snow White, McGregor, Backsplash, Fortnite
  • AO: Back Blasts, Brandywine Bay 24 Side, Hash Mark


YHC has finally gotten to point where he doesn’t stress and have a restless sleep the morning before a Q. Turns out quite the opposite, YHC slept great! So well infact he turned off his alarm in his sleep. For whatever reason I woke up 15 minutes late, and instead of allowing myself to fully awaken and take stock of the situation YHC chose to engage panic mode. Impressively YHC was in a White Z71 within 5 min and enroute to the world famous Hashmark.

Not so impressively; YHC skipped the morning Glory and forgot gloves, a watch and the winky. Also, turns out he arrived to the AO at 0515…

With all of his extra time YHC decided to do a warm up run and berate himself for worrying over nothing. Upon return to the parking lot,  a gaggle of skinny kids smelling of teen spirit were wandering semi-aimlessly around. Lucky for them, they checked out as members of the PAX.

With the arrival of additional PAX, YHC announced the lack of preparation and assigned a time keeper. A time check determined it was 0530 and YHC delivered the MS and disclaimer which explained that the workout was officially sponsored by Ron Burgundy and the Ch 12 news team, so all grievances could be routed to the appropriate party.

With that we moseyed.

Warm a Rama

SSH x 20

Slow CP x 10

Sun God’s x 10 each way with Cherry Pickers.

Moseyed to the Next intersection

A disclaimer was given prior to the next exercise due the fact some of the PAX were under the age if 18. Specific warnings included not looking Ron Burgundy in the eyes.

PAX did a flawless round of The Big Sexy. Pickle Pounders, Monkey Humpers, and Boss Tweed’s IC x 15.

From there PAX made their way to the pool parking lot for the first round of 7s. Body Builders x LBCs. Detailed instructions were given on a proper 8 count body builder.

Mosey to the Driving range parking lot for 7s. Wojo Squats x Merkin.

Recovery mosey to the next intersection. We did and about face and YHC gave the option of walk, jog, or AYG back to the previous location. After a 10 count, slow mosey to pool parking lot for 3 sets of 5 Crunchy Frogs and 5 somethings I can’t remember, WW1’s?

Mosey to next intersection for about 20 LSF, we were interrupted by Squid who shared one of the most intelligent things he’s ever said, so YHC and PAX did lose count briefly.

Another Mosey brought us to some X’s and O’s and we capped off with short jaunt back to where the shovel flag should have been. Apologies for forgetting my watch and winky, as well as stopping a minute past our appointed Hard Stop. Thanks to Ron Burgundy, Squid, and Navy for helping me stay some what on track.

Name a Rama, Announcements were made, and closed in a COT. Thanks again for posting men! I should have listened to Monkey Wrenche’s Mama and kept my winky handy, next time I’ll put my winky in my pocket the night before!


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