The older I get, the more life seems to change, many things of which are out of my control, and the more I realize that I just can’t neglect the fundamentals. Posting this morning, and knowing in advance that we would have a pretty solid PAX was more of an encouragement to me than the PAX really knows.

5:29 and things kicked off with a quick mission statement, followed by some men sprinting rather quickly up Coast Guard road, and some creeping along a little slower (but staying together,) all of us needing each other and the 2nd F that would happen along the way. It never fails that I leave a workout better in some way than when I arrived. Today was another day in YHC’s baby steps to kickstart habits that are vital towards becoming the person I want to be and I always feed off of the other men who get out of the fart sack.

A quote that has really stuck with me these last few days is, “You don’t rise to the level of your goals, but you fall to the level of your system.” I have been challenged to really examine my system. My habits. Most of us have great goals! I, however, have not always been the best at building the habits that it takes to make those goals happen. We don’t get better accidentally.

One of my greatest joys in life is the connections that have taken place as a result of F3 and showing up to improve with the PAX. I hope to continue to give and take as needed in the days ahead.

Everyone gathered back at the start and we lifted up Blart’s M and some other needs in prayer and then set off for a great week. Thanks for letting me lead Navy and.

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