Pax rolled up at 7:15 in Western Park.  We quickly circled up for the F3 mission statement and unloaded 4 plush Lazy Boy recliners from my truck.  Ponch opted for the heated seat, Couch Potato is more of a messaging chair guy, Weinstein and I enjoyed fine brushed suede editions.  After settling in and changing into our slippers, we rested a bit, maybe 5-10 minutes.

After waking up from our brief cat naps, Ponch decided Mimosas were in order.  He accessed my mobile bar caddy and proceeded to mix us each a nicely crafted drink.  We reclined, as we sipped our drinks and had a good laugh at all the schlubs that missed the “Late Show.”  We talked about boats, women and wine (our wives of course).

Weinstein brought some fine cigars, after our drinks we light up.  I really do prefer good Dominican tobacco over Cuban by the way.  We puffed away until the hard stop.  We loaded the Lazy Boys back in my truck, name-o-rama and prayers.

Good day Chaps….

Oh, we also did a few exercises.

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