• When: 09/26/18
  • Workout Style: Ruck
  • QIC: Cheech
  • PAX: Princess, Buttoncap, Zatarain, Wedgie
  • AO: Prometheus

YHC arrived at Bojangles early for my first Q ever!  I was greeted by Princess who was already there (I don’t believe he’ll ever be late again!).  Moments later Buttoncap pulls in and with 5 minutes before hard start, Zatarain and Wedgie make an appearance.  These 4 men had the pleasure of witnessing my bumbling mission statement and disclaimer even though YHC rehearsed it solo a hundred times! Ah well, never been one for public speaking

5:15 Hard Start – We 5 strong men started into the fog towards the Swansboro bridges.  The instant we make it to the sidewalk Zatarain and Wedgie take off into the gloom at full tilt.  Glancing around to make sure no one was chasing us we set off after them.  Buttoncap being the only one among us with a weighted pack, he still set a pace fast enough to shade a mall walker green!  Princess and YHC both kept up and enjoyed a bit of Second F between the motoring sounds of traffic.  Wedgie and Zatarain emerged from the gloom shortly before reaching our halfway point for time.  This being The Bogue House and giving us a distance of 1.75 miles.  Our trek back was made as a group with YHC  occasionally running ahead then running back.  We made it back with 5 minutes to spare and rough distance of 3.5 miles.  We circled up for some final moves.  Pax choice till hard stop that involved Abe Vigodas, SSHs and Box Cutters.  Namearama, annoucements and prayer requests were performed.  Wedgie stepped up and lead us out in prayer then it was off to the races to get this day started.

YHC gives thanks for the privilege of being QIC!


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