4 pax showed up slightly late which is like being slightly pregnant so we Omaha’ed around each vehicle for 5 burpees.

Mosey to form a circle for: down dog, cobra, plank, double wide merkins, compass plank 90, repeat with diamond merkins, repeat with plank jacks, compass plank, down dog, cobra, chilcoat, chilcoat jacks and FINALLY recover.

Mosey to Helluva Hill: seven hydraulic squats, run down and up hill, 7+14 sumo squats, run down and up hill, 7+14+21 Hillbilly squats, run down and up hill 7 + 14+21+28 mountain climbers

Mosey to track: 28 flutter kicks, high knee 1/4 of track, 35 box cutters, carioca 1/4 track, 42 hello dollies, high kick 1/4 track alphabet leg raises, striders 1/4 track 49 protractor leg raises

Indian Run to flag: Mary x 4 finishing with Superman’s.

Namorama, Announcements: Axe throwing 16 JAN, Weight Challenge, Upcoming Posts, Circle of Trust

When I got home my wife asked me how it went. “Killed em,” and smiled.


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