What a great day to Q in Carterico! YHC arrived early to make sure there were no surprises around campus today and finalize the plans dreamed about last night.  As time approached, the 2 minute and 1 minute warnings were given and at start time the disclaimer and mission statement were given.  We had assembled 13 brave souls in search of a beat down and I aimed to not disappoint.  With a couple of BRR pax in attendance and a few that proclaim not to run I decided a rolling warmara would be a good way to sneak in a little distance for all.  We started on the track at midfield on the front stretch with SSH x 20 IC, We would mosey around the track twice stopping at each quarter turn for a warm up exercise to include : Imperial walkers x 10 IC, Sungods x 10 IC, forward, overhead, and reverse, hillbillies x 10 IC, cotton pickers x 10 IC, high knees x 10 IC, windmills x 10 IC, and finally leg stretches x 10 ct each leg.  Now warm we moseyed back out to the parking lot for a little dora. Partner A runs from one light pole to the next and back while partner b does the exercise, switch and repeat. We did 50 alternating shoulder taps IC, 100 merkins SC, 150 LBC’s SC, 150 squats SC, 100 plankjacks SC, and 50 mountain climbers IC. From here we moseyed to the alley to find the bench for dips x 20 SC, erkins x 10 sc, steps ups x 20 IC, rinse and repeat.  On to the pull up station. Partner a runs the loop around the classroom building while partner b does pull ups amrap, switch and round 2 was dips amrap, switch.  With a little time left we did peoples chair x 5 count per man followed by balls to the wall.  For a little variety we decided who the fastest PAX was, and it was voted to be Duece so 12 PAX held balls to the wall while Duece ran the loop around the building.  Once back we all did another peoples chair followed by balls to the wall again while Ramses(our other BRR guy) ran the loop.  Once done here we moseyed to the flag for some Mary.

Mary: American hammer x 15 IC nice and slow. Dying cockroach x 15 IC, LSF x 16 IC nice and slow (LASSIE STYLE), and finally a little protractor with hands and feet at 6 degrees for a 10ct, 90 degrees for a 10, and lastly 45 degrees for a 10. Hard stop.

Announcements: Hashmark, Stampede, Rucky Duck, and Mullet wrapper tomorrow. Last dingbatter on Saturday. Reef to Q somewhere on Monday for a birthday Q. Prayers for John Jenkins, Baguette (F3 Washington, and Jeffrey Hobson from FBC.  YHC took us out.

It is always a pleasure and YHC appreciates the support the Swashbuckler is getting from the PAX and the guys who have been Q’ing.

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