I’ll admit that working out in the rain is not my thing. Beaufort’s rain creates run-off and puddles that are a glorious mix of Dockhouse goo, Morehead City shoe crud, and urine from the hundreds of stray cats and leashed dogs that make the potpourri of sights and smells that my dog fondly knows as “morning paper”. If it doesn’t make your skin crawl and then later erupt, thank your dermatologist for their fine work.But rainy workout can be invigorating, and five decent men showed up this morning to give it a whirl.

The rain came down hard on and off before the workout began, we knew we were in for a soaking and street cleaning. Shroom was our only visitor from “off” this morning and he mentioned that with Crabby out of the game plan for the relay, he was asked to step up and share a room with ol Gert down in SC. Not sure if he knew that sharing a room with Gert is like spotting a unicorn after NC State advances past the first round in the NCAA tourney. We moved on from that topic and he explained and complemented YHC on his finely crafted workouts and explained his unwillingness to abuse his body, and was looking for a “well-balanced workout” before he laid it all on the line at the Palmetto 200. He should have called ahead. Unknowingly, he was in store for a gluteus maximus workout that the Pax were still complaining about this AM. The best-laid plans often go awry.


20 Cotton Pickers IC
20 Sungods F/R
30 Moroccan Night Clubs IC
20 Windmills IC
10 Merkins

Mosey to the First Citizens Bank remnants. Front Street 2 block awning workout was a go with a flash downpour upon us.
We started with one burpee and added a burpee at each station until we got to eight, then brought them back down by one at each station. Our first set of exercises was at 10 IC for each station, the next set was 15 IC at each awning, then back down to 10 IC

First awning

run to 2nd awning

Copperhead squats
Single leg thrust
run to 3rd awning
Lsf IC

Wojo squats
High Knees


Run back to 1st awning  (rinse and repeat)


Back to the First Citizens Bank for
20 Derkins IC
Al Gore with calf raises IC x20
Calf raises IC x15

Donky raises single leg each x40, which are awesome.


Shroom led us out in prayer. Mega failure for coffee as the Cru bar is now opened and it was announced that it was still closed and under construction. I’ve got your coffee next time you come to Beaufort Shroom.Best of luck to you and the rest of the crew in the Palmetto!

Great morning in the rain. Always a pleasure to lead.



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