• When: 06/22/18
  • Workout Style: Boot Camp
  • QIC: Steamer
  • PAX: Plunger, Barnacle, Moped, Chester, Rooney, Backsplash, Snow White, Monkey Wrench, Griswold, Purplerain, Dog Paddle, Kiwi, Madoff, Pasquale, Steamer
  • AO: Back Blasts, Brandywine Bay 24 Side, Hash Mark

A Pax of 15 met outside of the gates of the most heavily regulated real estate in all of Carterico.  There are more HOAs in Brandywine Bay than houses.  It is a paradise for those souls whose ancestors left the industrial north and waged aggression toward the genteel agrarian folks of the south.  It is written that upon retirement one must try out Pine Knoll Shores and Brandywine before making it all the way to Florida.  After a disclaimer and mission statement was communicated to the pax, we began our trek along Brandywine Blvd for a rolling;

Warm A Rama:

SSH IC x 25

Cotton Pickers IC x 15

Sun Gods IC x 10, rev x 10


Good Mornings IC x 15

R/L 20 sec

L/R 20 sec

Pigeon Stretch

Down Dog

Burpees 5 OYO


Stop 1:

Hand release burpees 5 OYO

WWIs SC x 10

Dry Docks SC x 15

Stop 2:

Double Merkin Burpees 5 OYO

American Hammer IC x 10

Spider Merkins SC x 15

Stop 3:

8 count Body Builders 5 OYO

LSF IC x 10

Hand release merkins IC x 15

Mosey to the Front of the Clubhouse for

The Thang:

Sharknado, perform the exercise run up the drive and around the parking lots and plank for the 6, rinse and repeat for each exercise.

Burpees x 15, run

Spider Merkins SC x 20, run

WWIs SC x 20, run

Merkins SC x 20, run

Scorpion Dry Docks SC x 20, run

Back up to the parking lot for 7s,

Mountain Climbers IC x 1, bear crawl forward a determined distance, Plank Jacks IC x 6, Crawl Bear back and rinse and repeat until 6/1.

Time was fading so we did an Indian Run back half way to keep the pax together then YHC allowed a jailbreak on the contingency that we would come sweep up the 6.



4 workouts tomorrow, Slick Cam, Hero Patriot, Field of Dreams, and Dingbatter.  On July 20the the Mullet Wrapper will kick off in Swansboro.  YHC took us out.  It was an honor to lead.  Steamer out.

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