• When: 06/13/18
  • Workout Style: Boot camp
  • QIC: Winniethepoo
  • PAX: Shroom, bunyon, Graco
  • AO: Beaufort, Dockhouse

YHC was pleased to have a small group of men show up for the Chicken Shack. We first mosyed to the bank for warm ups.

Cotton Pickers x15 IC

Good mornings x15 IC

Sun Gods x10 each way

Windmills x12 IC

R/L 10 count

L/R 10 count

Standard stretch 10 count

The thang

We moseyed back to the dock house and grabbed our bands. YHC instructed the pax to Turner Street. We started out with curls single count of 20 each warm. Next was the tricep press 20 each arm. Then we did the overhead press 20 each arm .We then partnered up on a column at the old First Citizens Bank. Rows SC 20 followed by chest press SC of 20. YHC instructed the pax to the road for tractor pulls. We partnered up and each man ran from Turner Street to Craven Street covering one block. We then switched and ran back a block. We repeated the full band workout two more times with two more sets of tractor pulls. By this time the Pax was about to vomit. We moseyed to the boardwalk and ran back to the dock house for some Mary. Mary consisted of American hammers x20 IC and LBC’s x20 IC.

Hard stop 6:15.

Announcements were upcoming workouts.

Continued prayers for Doublemint and Blart’s M and for the family in Cannongate suffering the loss of a husband/father who took his own life. YHC took us out in prayer. It’s always a pleasure to lead and look forward too many too many opportunities for many years to come. Until next time.


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