• When: 06/19/18
  • Workout Style: Boot camp
  • QIC: Lunchbox
  • PAX: Snooki, Couch Potato (respect), Navy (respect), Backup (2.0), Tyler Summer (FNG)-(Subway), Sparkles, Snow White, Weinstein (respect x2), Maytag, Plebe, Tatertot (2.0), Robby Tanzola (FNG)-(Foxy Brown), Buttoncap, Purplerain, Dumpster Dawg, Tony Romo, Schlitz, Sam O’Berry (FNG)-(KFC), Lunchbox
  • AO: Boonedocks, Cape Carteret Baptist Church, Cape Carteret Expansion

YHC arrived at the Boondocks to find a large group already assembled and waiting. Looking around I realized there were several faces I didn’t recognize. Apparently the EH king himself, Couch Potato, has been hard at work. Three FNG’s had converged upon the hallowed grounds of the Boondocks, all of which had been invited by Couch Potato. What an example of giving it away for the rest of us to follow! With 5,3, and 1 minute warnings given, a full disclaimer, definition, and mission statement were stated for the FNG’s. I decided since we had such a large group, we would take the chance to advertise. So we took a short mosey to the sidewalk that runs along the highway for


Good mornings x 20ic

Imperial walkers x 20ic

Corron pickers x 20ic

L/R, R/L, and feet together stretches

From here we took another quick mosey to the ditch on the backside of the church for

The Thang

21’s – The PAX would perform one exercise on the first ditch bank then run to the other ditch bank for the other exercise. Pax would then back pedal back to the first ditch bank for the next round. The count for the exercise would increase from 1 to 20 on each round for the first exercise, and decrease from 20 to 1 for the second exercise, to give a total of 21 reps per round. On bank one the pax would perform WW1’s and on bank two they would perform plank jack’s. As the bulk of the Pax finished up, several men partnered up with the remaining pax to help them finish.

From here we moseyed to the back parking lot and I had the Pax circle up for some Jack Webb’s which went as follows

Squats x 4ic, Air presses x 4ic, then each x8, x12, x16, x20, x24, and finally air presses x51ic to finish us off.

With a few minutes left we headed back to the flags for


I had the Pax circle up for something Couch Potato had done at his last FOD Q that I called Ring of Mary. One Pax member would run two laps around the rest of the Pax while the next Pax member in line called and led an exercise. After their two laps, the next man would run and the next man would lead an exercise. Somewhere in here Couch Potato talked his runner into doing extra laps so he could keep torturing us with Superman’s.  We made it through 5-6 men before we reached our hard stop at 6:15.


We counted off and named our three FNG’s. Welcome Subway, Foxy Brown, and KFC!

We closed with COT and Purplerain took us out with prayer.

Its always a pleasure to join my brothers in the gloom and an honor to be asked to Q. Until next time…



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