After a strong showing at the Field of Dreams with Maytag, YHC discovered that he was on the Q for the Green Mile… to which the EH’ing started immediately. Arriving in a Clown car with the all so eager to run Lunchbox and Plebe, 9 PAX total this morning once Maytag and Bouy rolled in a couple of minutes late (He busted out a couple of burpees after prayer.) YHC can tell that the runners from the West are really starting to elevate their game, as the standards continue to flow, pre and post workout.

Griswold voiced his concern over the move of the Green Mile. What the PAX has forgotten, is that the Green Mile has always been a Rolling AO. YHC attempted to move locations once but was shot down by Maytag then, with concerns about safety. Wanting to run over the bridges, over in to Swansboro and enjoy the sunrise, YHC once again reached out to Maytag… and with approval, the AO Switch was on!

We do need to work and make sure through Twitter that our Western Workouts get blasted accurately so we capture as many summer PAX as possible. Especially when/if they move a little. Good point Griswold!

5:30 and the PAX shot off towards the bridges. Couch Potato pushed YHC much quicker than planned, and although few words were shared, the company was still enjoyed. Griswold and Purplerain could be heard chatting it up a few steps behind and Tony Romo and Cooter were a strolling along pretty quickly as well.

We live in a gorgeous place. Seeing the water and the sunrise on the return trip, never gets old and should never be taken for granted! Maytag and Buoy got a speeding ticket running so fast to catch up to Griswold. Lunchbox and Plebe didn’t really have any war stories from their run, but beating the fartsack and getting in some miles always makes for a heck of a Monday (Especially with Plebe’s PF issues).

6:15 hard stop and announcements were given and prayer requests as well. Pillbox I think is on the Q for the Boonedocks and YHC has the Prometheus on Wednesday with hopefully a FNG! Lunchbox took us out with a great prayer and then it was off to take care of the people God has given to us. Enjoyed chatting with ya on the way back Purplerain. Excited to see what all is in the future as we keep trying to give it away and EH’ing men.

Thanks for letting me Q today Maytag!


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