• When: 07/13/19
  • Workout Style: Boot Camp
  • QIC: Deuce
  • PAX: Pele, Swinger (Lenoir), Rafiki (ENC), Jane Doe, Crabby Englishman, White Boots, Pasquale, Misty, Steamer, Hillary, Jang, Deuce (QIC)
  • AO: Back Blasts

YHC figures that any PAX who shows up at the Slickcam wants a little torture.  Why else would anyone show up for a workout on the sand on an 80 degree Saturday morning?  Therefore, I tried to deliver to the 12 men that I found in the Dunes Club parking lot.

The PAX moseyed to the grass for a Warmarama consisting of a few standard exercises (Cotton Pickers x 15, Imperial Walker x 15, Toe touches, Downward Dog).  The PAX then moseyed to the beach and headed East.  Exercises were performed with a partner (1) on the beach at the first public beach access, (2) at the end of Club Colony Dr. (quietly so not to wake up the Mooring clan), (3) on the road at the Club Colony beach access, and (4) on the beach in front of the Club Colony access.  The exercises:  20 Booyah Merkins, 20 Gym Class sit ups, 20 Partner Derkins, and 5 Bropees at each location.  The Pax moseyed to the pier with a brief stop for some water supplied by site Q Hillary.

At the pier, the Pax lined up along the ocean at the first piling out of the water.  Run forward to second piling then run backwards to start.  Run forward to the third piling then run backwards to start.  While YHC didn’t count the pilings, this was repeated up to the pilings where the Oceanana stores its beach chairs.  This was harder than imagined during the planning stages of the workout.  Rifiki from ENC was the one to catch.  There was a little mumblechatter when we moseyed back up to the Oceanana grill for 20 dips, 50 calf raises, 20 dips, 50 calf raises (pigeon toed), 20 dips, and 50 calf raises (toes pointed out).  Mosey back to the pier for 60 seconds of Balls to the Wall and 60 seconds of Peoples Chair.

In much need of cooling off, the PAX hit the ocean for a series of Hillary’s “between the wave” Burpees followed by Mary in the surf with a handful of ab exercises.

All 12 men left nothing on the beach except gallons of sweat and the little bit of sand that didn’t wind up in shoes or shorts.

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