• When: 6/2/18
  • Workout Style: Beach Boot Camp
  • QIC: Purple Rain
  • PAX: Cooter, Flipova, Laettner, Couchpotato (Respect), Putin, Jwoww, Dice (Respect, Carpex), Pasqually, Money Ball (carpex), Holiday Mansion, Dash 8, (Respect), Dumpster Dog, Baby Ruth (2.0, carpex), Bo Jackson (2.0, carpex), Griswold, Duece (Respect, New Bern), Man Hands (Raleigh), Jang a Lang, Navy (Respect), Shlitz (FNG), purplerain
  • AO: Cape Carteret Expansion, Emerald Isle, Hwy 58 & Islander

I was super excited Griswold was celebrating 1 year anniversary at FOD and we were expanding our western reach with a second workout for Saturday mornings with the Dingbatter.

I was also unsure how it would go Navy had failed in Advertising this workout at all so not sure if anyone knew where to goūüėČ. So many unknowns, would the guys want to workout on the beach? Would they double post? If they do will we be able to make through both? ¬†So nervous excitement was my feelings.

the PAX did not disappoint as cars started rolling in on time and many were there with just seconds before hard start, Mission Statement and Disclaimer given and started with a warmarama Indian Run to the beach.  Stop at the boardwalk for a little shoulder work before getting sandy. Dips, dirkins, irking, 3 sets of these.  The PAX were grumbling about the lack of stretching, so quick 3 count to stretch each leg for Pasqually and down to the sand.

strated with a rack and stack. Bear crawl to each marker 10 merkins, 10 squats, 10 air presses, as our distance was getting about 30 yards switch to running both ways.  About this time the slick cam guys show up to join us, glad to have you guys. 10 monkey humpers, 10 diamonds

DORA; 50 merkins, 100 squats, 150 SSH, P2 runs to water 2 surfees and returns

time for some fun, keep your partner for some competition. P1 on back holds up bucket, P2 runs back and forth filling with water holding 2 small cups and switch

surfee competition: 3 minutes for which team has most, only 1 doing them at a time.

take 5 swim, swim, get dressed, spray off

mary in the grass, Indian run back

announcements, prayer requests, Prayer

such a great day and week, shout out to Dice and his family for posting several days while on vacation, come back anytime brother, we loved having you.  Got to say I was exhausted yesterday afternoon but it was worth it guys.  Thanks for letting lead the first Dingbatter and as long as Navy will remember to tell people about we will do fine!

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