YHC thought it might be nice to treat everyone to a Green Mile on the point in Emerald Isle this morning and now better understands the importance of being clear when attempting to “roll” a “rolling” AO.  YHC offers apologies to anyone that had trouble finding the parking lot shown on the google map provided in the pre-blast.  A big part of becoming a better leader is learning from your mistakes.  In this case I will simply say, “lesson learned” and trust that the PAX will be as forgiving as they always are (cough, cough) when a Q gets a little off course.

Nevertheless, after a shaky start we were off on the 1/4 mile of Coast Guard road left before the beach access which took us up and over the dunes (apparently Laettner particularly enjoyed this leg of the journey).  Immediately we could see that we would be treated to a truly gorgeous morning beach run.  The breeze was light and warm.  The tide was low (plenty of hard sand) and the sunrise came early enough to provide a beautiful light for the entire run around the point and back. YHC enjoyed catching up with Cooter and Laettner and especially getting to know Birdman a little better.

Announcements: Birdman just returned from what sounds like a terrific vacation in Costa Rica.  Best of all he brought back some words of wisdom for the PAX in reminding us how different the quality and quantity of life is in our great country.  As Birdman correctly stated, not everyone in the world enjoys the same blessings as we do.  On a much less important note, YHC has the Q at Boondocks tomorrow.

Prayers: Cooter took us out with prayers for Blart, his M and family, along with inspiring words to start our week off right.  As always, thank you for the opportunity for fellowship and the chance to lead this morning!


Navy, out.

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