• When: 11/20/2020
  • Workout Style: Boot Camp
  • QIC: FrankNBeans
  • PAX: McSketti, DrySocket, HotLips, TarHole, Cyclops, Ginger, CouchPotato, Preggo,
  • AO: Back Blasts, Cape Carteret Expansion

The Pax mosied  to the picnic tables where we did Ascending Testicles using the concrete pad, bench, and table top x10, then over to the rope play ground where we did pull ups 8×10 with our legs on the ground. We mosied to the parking lot and did 7 of diamonds at  each corner of the shopping strip building doing burpies x7, merkins x  14, side stradle hops x 21,  and flutter kicks x28. When we passed the gym we yelled 1-2-3 SAD Clowns and ran away. We then went  back to the picknic tables for Descending Testicles and back to the rope jungle gym for more pull ups. Each pax gave a quote, verse,  or a song stanza between reps. We mosied through the parking lot  to the line of tree/bushes. At each tree a pax led an exercise. We returned to the parking lot where we  did  a plank compass, followed by a round of Superman and called it quits. McSketti as usual provided coffee but this time brought out the fine china.

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