• When: 05/07/19
  • Workout Style: Bootcamp
  • QIC: Snooki
  • PAX: Purple Rain Sparkles Princess Dumpster Dawg Ron Burgandy (respect) Skidmark (respect) Frank N Beans (respect respect) Griswold Cheech Plebe Backsplash Birdman Couch Potatoe (respect) Maytag
  • AO: Back Blasts, Boonedocks

15 men showed in the am to see if Snooki would show. Maybe that’s the secret to get people out when I Q, keep them guessing. Sorry for those that lost the bet! Mumblechatter was pretty heavy but o knew that wouldn’t last long.

Warmarama Cotton pickers imperial walkers and a couple stretch’s formthe pong mosey to the Lowe’s parking lot. Purple Rain you really need to work on getting your finger tips to go past your knees!!

Lowes parking lot for parking lot suicides. Bear crawl to line one monkey humper back peddle to first line. Continue on adding one monkey humper at each line. I think there were 16 lines but felt like 1600!! But it cured the mumblechatter! After multiple attempts by Maytag to get me to say Omaha we finished and trotted to the cart coral for

dips irkins Derkins 20-15-10

mosey back across the street to the back parking lot. Circled up and as one pax ran around the building the rest would do an exercise switching excercise every 3 pax dying cockroach, Merkins, LBC I think there was another then planks. With one minute left mosey back to the flag for a hard stop

announcements prater requests then purple Rain led is out.

I really do miss you guys and your loving insults!! Breaking the sad clown disease has proven harder than it seems. I’m working on it!!!

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