YHC struggled to beat the fartsack this morning and my attitude towards this mornings run wasn’t exactly positive on the ride down 24 from MHC. In short, after a long three weeks, as Jackson Brown would say I was, “...running on empty…” However, YHC’s experience between 5:30 and 6:15 was the perfect reminder of why I drag my sorry A#% out of bed nearly every morning to gather in the gloom.  My first treat was a surprise weekday posting from Linus who is usually somewhere over the Atlantic at this time on a Monday en route to another “clime and place, from dawn to setting sun” defending democracy and the American way. The next treat was the shining faces of Maytag and his trusty companion Bouy whom we have missed over the past weeks. Welcome back brothers!  Then, thanks to the fellowship and encouragement of Couch Potato (who shared a “miracle moment” story with me) and Cheech (who saved me from running into a newly formed “lake” on Reed Dr.), YHC actually moseyed further and faster than my original sour demeanor would have allowed.

If nothing else had happened this morning, YHC would have left with an attitude properly adjusted and ready to greet the week.  But during the COT, the real magic of F3 materialized.  After announcing that Cheech was on deck for his VQ tomorrow (don’t miss it, this is one VQ that I know will be epic!) we learned that one of our brothers and his M had done something truly awe inspiring this weekend.  Laettner and his M received a call from the hospital and 5 hours later were caring for two babies desperately in need of a loving home. This weekend they took in a one month old and a 20 month old!  Needless to say, the assembled PAX were in awe of (but I dare say not surprised given what we know about these two wonderful young people) what they have done.  YHC would ask that you follow Couch Potato’s lead (he immediately offered to deliver and assemble donated cribs) and reach out to offer support and whatever help they may need as they work to provide these two children comfort, stability and security.

Well, if you’ve read this far, you probably now understand what YHC said at the outset about this morning being the perfect reminder of why we F3.  YHC started with a selfish and poor attitude simply because he was tired.  By the end of today’s posting he had once again been helped to “put things in perspective” and seen just the latest example of God’s will and work being done through yet another F3 family.  So here’s to all of the brother’s like laettner, lunchbox, RuPaul and others who put the needs of “the least among us” ahead of their own every day.

Oh, I almost forgot, we ran out and back for 45 mins.

Navy, out.



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