• When: 09/01/17
  • Workout Style: Ruck
  • QIC: Laettner
  • PAX: KoKo, Chainlink, Reef Donkey, Shroom, Lassie, Spinal Tap, Puddles, Goodwill, Alan, Immigrant, Sniffer, Ron Burgundy, Laettner
  • AO: Morehead City, Rolling AO, Rucky Duck

This morning, YHC was allowed by Reef Donkey to Q for the very first time at the Rucky Duck. Thanks for the Q keys big guy! 13 PAX strapped their ruck sacks on and with a quick welcome, it was off for a pretty brisk pace.

About a 1/3 of the way down Lassie Avenue, Sungods (Forward and Reverse) IC x 10 were done as well as Imperial Squat Walkers IC x 10. Then off to the next stopping point (About 2/3 down now) it was time to partner up. Catch Me If You Can- Partner A drops and does 5 SC Merkins while Partner B is back peddling towards the end of the street. Once PA completes, he runs to PB and they switch places. This was done until there was no more road. Next up were 25 SC Hand Release Merkins on my down, to which Ron Burgundy brought in to question whether YHC was even fit to be a Q. What the PAX didn’t know was YHC saves a lot of breath by saying “Down” instead of counting “1,2,3”. Just a little tid bit of wisdom for any future Q’s!

On towards the bridge when YHC gives instructions to do 10 SC Squats at each light on the way over the bridge. Once 10 were done, PAX would run to the next light for 10 more. Altogether the PAX completed 100 squats and got some serious bridge work in. The BRR boys looked weak compared to these strong men!

Over the bridge and line up in the big parking lot (road side) of the Channel Marker facing the water. Packs off, it was time to bear crawl across the parking lot while bringing your pack with you. YHC had to constantly switch arms chunking that bad boy forward. No complaints from the PAX as they pushed themselves hard. Once to the end, it was time for (using pack) Curls IC x 10, Overhead Press IC x 10, Curls IC x 10, Overhead Press IC x 10, Curls IC x 5, Overhead Press IC x 5. All that was left on the menu at the Channel Marker this early in the morning for breakfast was a repeato of the Bear Crawl/Pack drag back across the parking lot.

With everyone in, time to head back across the bridge. This time YHC told every man to back peddle to one light pole and then sprint to the next one. A little mumble chatter about the safety (Goodwill picked up a hook that could catch a whale) but the PAX took it in stride and continued to prep as back ups as the BRR boys continued their strong bridge work. Once at the top, YHC changed things up and took a minute and reminded to PAX to always take time out to be thankful for what the Lord has blessed us with, especially when things seem so tough. It is hard to stay bitter when you live in an attitude of gratitude! YHC led the PAX in prayer on the bridge for us to become better men of God, Husbands and Dads and then it was time to start heading down the bridge.

As Ramses passed by for the 2nd time, the young bucs, along with Shroom and Lassie (who keep encouraging the 6) commented on their desire to catch him. So off we went, packs on, sprinting down the bridge to overtake one of the biggest State fans that I know. Ram was a little impressed I think, but he veered right for another round and we swung around the corner back to Lassie Avenue. (Reef Donkey always keeps the PAX safe, walking in the closest lane, daring cars to hit him as he waves them over. Car would be stupid to take that challenge bro!)

The PAX, all together, then performed Hand-Release Merkins IC x 25, to which YHC received attaboys for counting in such a way that pleased the PAX. Back to rucking and then YHC lined the PAX up for a little Indian Run. 5 rounds were completed and then we veered on the wrap around street. At the stop sign it was time to Partner up one more time for the last bit back with the instructions being- share one thing your partner can be praying for you about this week and can keep you encouraged with. KoKo was YHC’s partner and this young man is doing some impressive work in his job and at school. T-claps! Back at the flag, for whatever reason, some packs were being taken off when YHC said TO THE TABLES for some Dips SC x 25, Urkins SC x 25 and Step Ups SC x 25.


Puddles celebrated 1 year since his first F3 workout in the rain with Gilligan and the boys, to which Puddles thought they were crazy! That they were brother! T-Claps to you my friend. Great push by the PAX this morning. I don’t know if Spinal Tap liked me or not by the end but seeing him, Immigrant, Sniffer and Alan push the way they did was a joy.

Immigrant shared about his M- Kim who has some test going on and some concerns and the PAX surrounded him for prayer before taking off.

Thanks again for letting me Q today Reef. If it is truly my last as your say, I enjoyed every minute of it, because of who I got to do it with. If ya decide to let me come back… 🙂


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