• When: 06/15/2018
  • Workout Style: Bridge Ruckin
  • QIC: Nipple Shot
  • PAX: Blue Cross, Villa, Spinal Tap, Chain Link, Castanza, Puddles, Wilson
  • AO: Back Blasts, Rucky Duck

The loyal rucking PAX was ready to roll this AM when the Q pulled in HOT jamming a little Pink Floyd tune. Getting back in the ruck after pushing through some recent injuries was exciting but a little nerve racking.   I noticed that Blue Cross was ruckless this AM although no explanation was ever given, we just decided it was OK and we decided to get going. A brief disclaimer and we were off the Bridge.

Summer mornings are a little more fun because we have more sunlight, and with the Big Rock in full effect, we got to witness all of the late fisherman and their Carterican Straightpipes making morning music as they crossed the bridge to try to go for the big one..

The discussion was lively and we finally made it to the other side where we gathered uncomfortably close to the water way to get a little muscle workout in. We did the following:

Pack curls X 20 SC

Overhead Presses x 20 SC

Front Pack Squats x 20 SC

Rinsed and repeated with reps of 25 and 30. Interesting to watch Blue Cross do ruckless are curls.. Eventually Puddles lended him his ruck and all was well in the world. During the last rep, Blue Cross cut a fart which sent us away and back over the Bridge. We enjoyed watching the Gazelles pass by during their Standard run and a bit of mumble chatter that provided.

Back across the Bridge to Sweet Beans where we witnessed the loan employee excitedly preparing for the Friday morning rush of the PAX…  Little did she know that Floyd’s had stolen the show and she was going to be a bit lonely for a while.

We had a few moments to kill so took advantage with some great stretching and conversation. Hard stop 6:21

Announcements – Beer Run on Saturday.. Apparently you run a lap then drink some beer, and repeat. Slick Cam and Hero tomorrow.

Prayers for Double Mint, Blart, Spinal Taps Friend/ Family member getting some good news.

Spinal Tap took us out in prayer.. Thank you!

An honor to lead and write a backblast!

Nipple Shot

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