• When: 09/05/18
  • Workout Style: Ruck
  • QIC: Sparkles
  • PAX: Pillbox, Cheech, Zatarain, Purple Rain
  • AO: Back Blasts, Prometheus

One minute warning was given with no sign of two of our HCs (Dumpster Dawg, who may have a FNG and Buttoncap).  Mission statement successfully stated and four strong men set off on foot toward the Swansboro bridge.  I learned early on that it’s difficult to enjoy some solid 2nd F along this path due to the loud noise of the traffic.  We did the best we could but pushed the pace to pack on some miles.  We made it to the bridge closest to Swansboro and made the turn back towards Dunkin Donuts.  Cheech got a blast of energy and took off for a jog with his 20 lb ruck sack and Zatarain joined him.  Pillbox and I continued our path and Purple Rain joined us after his last prep run for the BRR.  We made it back to Dunkin Donuts with 3.55 miles logged and a few minutes to spare so we circled up for Mary.  Pax choice to the hard stop.  Namearama, announcements for upcoming workouts, prayer requests for the John family and Purple Rain and our F3 brothers set to tackle the BRR.  Pillbox lead us out in prayer and we were off to start our days.

Thanks for allowing me to lead Pillbox.  Always an honor my friend.

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