• When: 2/8/18
  • Workout Style: Boot Camp
  • QIC: Duck Butter
  • PAX: Flip Ova, Rooney, The Crabby Englishman, Grecko, Wi-Fi (Respect), Twitty, Madoff (Respect), Phelps, Pocahantes, Bunyon, Duck Butter
  • AO: Man-O-War

Ok class, be quiet, Mr. YHC has to write yet another backblast or else Mr. Jang is going to beat him without mercy.  For the governmental oversight agencies reading this correspondence, the previous sentence was written completely in jest, it is #fakenews, and please do not go through my text messages.  Thank you.

As part of the Duck Butter Magical Mystery Tour of Carterico, YHC was a Q in Morehead (Stampede and Swashbuckler), Cape Carteret (The Boonedocks), and finally finished up Q’ing the Man O’War with our dialectically challenged brethren of the east.  That’s right bitches, I q’d 4 times in a week in every part of our region.  Put that on a plank!

I must begin by giving thanks to Flip and Twitty for bringing me some coupons to use, and to Rooney for leaving the friendly confines of MHC way early to help me set up for the workout.  Tclaps gents.

So where to start?  Let’s talk about getting to Beaufort.  Holy need for an air traffic controller Batman!  So you come down the high rise bridge from Morehead and you see all these signs about new traffic pattern and a big arrow pointing left.  In my best Admiral Ackbar voice, “It’s a trap!”  Do NOT follow the arrows, they’re trying to send you to Otway or something.  Luckily there is a smaller, darker sign telling you to detour to the draw bridge.  Civil Engineers man, thank goodness.

For those of you still reading, I bet I made you google Admiral Ackbar.  It pains me to say this, but as we approach the coming of spring and an earlier rising sun, there is no more picturesque AO in Carterico than Front St in Beaufort.  It’s a pretty amazing spot.  And that is the extent to which this lifelong Moreheader can complement Fish Towne.

In all 10 veterans, would’ve been 11 but Winnie the Pooh got beat by the alarm clock, beat that fart sack monster and made their way to join YHC.  Pleasantries exchanged, kotters to Phelps, mission delivered over a din of Madoff and Wi-Fi mumblechatter about the volatility of the market, and we were off towards the Beaufort cutting board for


The rumors are unfortunately true.  Warmarama was slightly delayed because I couldn’t figure out how to open the gate.  I’m human.  I make mistakes.  But let’s not focus on my mistakes, in fact let’s pretend it didn’t happen all together.

SSHs IC x20

1 burpee OYO

Cotton Pickers IC x15

2 burpees OYO

Sun Gods IC forward x10

3 burpees OYO

Sun Gods IC reverse x10

4 burpees OYO

Figure 4 pistol squat X10, switch x10

5 burpees OYO

And then we were off, with zero gate issues, towards the corner of Front St and Turner St to Tweed’s vault for

The Thang

Like a traditional southern wedding, I had something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue laid out in a ring around the ATM machine island.  Eleven manila folders awaited with an accompanying exercise, and the necessary coupon to perform said exercise.  After performing the prescribed exercise for 1 minute, there would be 15 seconds to transition to the next folder and/or recover.  The Man O’War playlist would be blasted from the Duck speaker to help motivate and inspire.  The stations were

  1. Ruck Sack Press—#30 plate in the ruck. Straps everywhere.
  2. SSHs—invariably every single man ended up doing the SSHs to the beat of the song playing. Even the Crabby one was dancing to “Pour Some Sugar on Me.”  It was truly a site to behold.
  3. Ruck Sack Lunges-#30 plate in the ruck. Madoff officially wore a ruck sack.
  4. Kettlebell swings-#35 kettlebell courtesy of Flip. Ouch babe.
  5. Ruck Sack Merkins- 2 options here. One ruck had #20 in it, one ruck had #30.  Choose wisely.  Or choose manly.
  6. Kettlebell Goblet Squat-#45 kettlebell. Exercise invented by the great slinger of steel Blue Cross.  Squat, stand, and press the kettlebell overhead in one action.  Bunyon’s technique here is perfection.
  7. Dumbbell Plank Rows-#30 dumbbells awaited our willing participants in this merry go round of fun. I heard Graco grunt during these.  I know I did.  I think I did.  It may have been me.  Whatever.
  8. LBCs—Whiskeydick engage. 1 minute of AMRAP LBCs.  Yeah, I know.
  9. Sandbag up and overs–#60 sandbag starts on one shoulder. You pick it up and over your head and put it on the other shoulder, rinse and repeat.  Oye vez.  Twitty actually used the excuse that he was allergic to sand and used his fogged up glasses as proof?  Confusing?? You should’ve been there.
  10. Dumbbell Overhead Presses-#40 dumbbells, standing overhead press for one minute. This came right after the sandbag up and overs.  I cried.  I’m not afraid to admit it.  I cried big, manly tears.
  11. Curtsy lunges—cross one leg behind the other and go into a lunge. Then switch legs.

Upon completion of the 11 circuits, the PAX did a palette cleansing lap down Turner St., right on Ann, right on Craven, and back down Front St.

Back at the bank for round 2, same exercises, same fun, new songs.

Hard stop got passed by 1 minute.  Sorry gents.


Cedar Island Ruck—this Saturday leaving Promiseland Market at 0500.

Christmas Party—Dec 16th

Bunyon is q’ing the Clamdigger on Tuesday

Chicken Shack band workout will continue on Wednesday

Prayer Concerns

Dipper’s dad

David Hesmer

Daughter of a co-worker at WCHS

YHC took the PAX out in the ball of man with someone’s sweat dripping on my neck.  And that my friends is F3.

Monkey Wrench, you still reading?


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