The countless hours spent preparing a plan for the Tinkerbell were mostly for naught as I ended up calling Omaha due to several unforeseen circumstances such as:  1) forcing the Pax to engage in a cross-country mosey to and from the warmup led by the HIN Q (Pasqually), 2) not knowing how to operate the Tabata timer on my phone, 3) exercises taking much longer than planned, and 4) several planned exercises simply not being doable.  Anyway, I’m sure I executed the changes so flawlessly the Pax didn’t even notice.

We started with a half-mile mosey to the above-mentioned warmup led by Pasqually which consisted of Side Straddle Hops, Sun Gods, Windmills, and BURPEES!  Seriously, what kind of Q has Burpees in the warmup?  All the secret black ops triathlon training is turning those guys into exercise psychopaths.  With the warmup torture out of the way, I led my pax back to the parking lot  where we had left our kettlebells.

My original intent was to mosey to the CMAST building to start the Thang but since we had already run there and back we started at the parking lot.  The workout consisted of 3 exercises, 1 focusing on the upper body, 1 on the core, and 1 on the lower body.  We would do each exercise for 30 seconds and take a 10 second break before beginning the next exercise.  After 2 sets of each exercise we would move to another location and begin 3 different exercises.  The first exercises were Kettlebell Situps, Kneeling Press, and Bridges (think Boss Tweeds while holding a heavy weight on your privates).

We moseyed to the front of the engine shop for Kettlebell Windmills, Curls, and Goblet Squats.

Mosey to the front of the big building for Around the World, Rows, and Kettlebell Swings.

Mosey to the bookstore for Halos, Shoulder Presses, and Lunges.

Mosey to the bottom of Deebo’s Hill for an attempt at Seated Figure 8’s but that did not work so I called for American Hammers.

With time running short we moseyed to the benches for 2 rounds of Step Ups with Kettlebells.  Then we moseyed back to the flag just as the HIN’ers were finishing Namarama.  We joined them for a Circle of Trust where Rameses led us in prayer.

At some point this morning Jangalang noticed Ron Burgundy’s “vintage” New Balance sneakers (for you youngsters that’s an old man term for shoes).  He questioned whether that company was still in business since he hadn’t seen a pair of those since his mom bought him a pair at Roberson & Dupree (only Jang and I get that) at the start of his 8th grade year.  Jang pays careful attention to the Pax’s clothing so I try to be sure to wear my best when I think he might post.  Fortunately that isn’t too often.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead Ronny B.  Thanks to all the pax that posted this morning, it was an honor to lead.



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