YHC was eager to face the gloom this morning and lead whoever may show up for the Rolling Stone. Upon arrival, I see a flag planted and two vehicles already in the parking lot. Laettner and Couch Potato out for a standard run. I parked, planted my flag, and waited in the warmth of my truck for more Pax to arrive. At the 5 min warning we all start making our way to the shovel flags. At the 1 min warning, Laettner and Couch Potato emerge from the gloom to join us. Definition, mission statement, and disclaimer were given and we moseyed to the concessions for


Just as we start warmarama, Plebe and Macgregor come storming down the path from the parking lot. Nice to have Plebe back after spending a few weeks on the IR.

Windmill x 15 ic
2 Burpees
Hillbillies x15 ic
2 Burpees
Cotton pickers x 15 ic
2 Burpees
Sungods x 15 ic
2 Burpees
Rev Sungods x 15 ic
2 Burpees

Mosey to track for

The Thang
Merkin Mile
Pax would make four laps around the quarter mile track, stopping at each “corner” for merkins. Start with 16 at first corner. Decrease by 1 each corner down to 1. YHC instructed the Pax that we may have some separation on this and for those who finish early to circle back and partner with someone that wasn’t finished until everyone finished together. As always, they did a great job of pushing and encouraging their fellow Pax.

Next we mosied to the bleachers for

Dips x 25 S.C.
bleacher snake x 1
Erkins x 20 S.C.
bleacher snake x 2
HR merkins x 15 S.C.
Bleacher snake x 3
Derkins x 10 S.C.
bleacher snake x 4
Burpees x 5 S.C.
bleacher snake x 5

Being pretty toasted at this point, YHC called for a slow recovery mosey to the practice field for

Quarter pounder
The Pax lined up on the end line and ran out 25 yds, did the exercise, and back pedaled back. Then out 50 yds, then 75, then 100, you know how it works. The exercises were
25- 25 LBC
50- 50 Air presses
75- 75 LBC
100- 100 Air presses
We realized as we started that the field was only about 65yds long, so we just ran to the fence at the end for the 75 and 100 legs. Again the Pax circled back to bring in the 6 and finish strong.

From there we made a short mosey to the flags and YHC called on Blart to lead us in a little


Dying cockroaches
Box cutters

Hard stop 6:15

Namarama, announcements, and prayer requests were given. Blart took us out with a great word of admonition and a thoughtful prayer.

YHC commented to a couple of the Pax that there is no way I could have done what we did today when I started back in April. Thank you all for making me better!



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