Another glorious Carterico morning! Today I decided to do some HIIT to show some of the newer PAX another option for workouts. Unfortunately, we didn’t have many new guys at the workout. That’s ok. The old guys need a little change of pace every now and then.


Good Mornings x 15 IC

Imperial walkers x 15 IC

Windmills x 15 IC

Mosey to the side of the auditorium next to the driveway for…

The Thang

We would do three circuits of HIIT with 45 sec of an exercise AMRAP followed by 15 to recover and set for the next exercise. Each circuit would consist of 4 exercises with 3 rounds each. We would do a short mosey between each circuit. The circuits were as follows.

Circuit 1:

1st: Carolina dry docks

2nd: Freddie Mercuries

3rd: Catalina wine mixers

4th: WWI sit ups 

Circuit 2:

1st: Burpees 

2nd: LBC

3rd: Chilly Jacks

4th: Imperial Squat Walkers

Cicuit 3:

1st: WMD (wide, regular, diamond merkins)

2nd: Monkey humpers 

3rd: Low Slow Flutters

4th: Air Presses 

We then took another short mosey to…


Have a Nice Day x 30 sec

6:15 Hard Stop

Always an honor to lead you fellas! Thanks for the keys to Rolling Stone, Griswold.


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