Rolling at The Rolling Stone

When: 09/07/17
QIC: Griswold
Where: Croatan high school
The PAX: Laettner, Maytag, Snookie, Pasquale, Couch Potato (Respect), Sparkles, Purple Rain, Griswold (Q)

YHC arrived at CHS 25 minutes early to run around the facility and make sure that we could go where we needed to go. Now that school is in, some fences are closed and it is dark! The Pax arrived as coupons were being unloaded from the back of the truck and we had a hard start at 05:30.

Mosey to the concession stand for
Burpee x 2
Air press. SC. IC. X 30
Burpee x 2
Windmill. IC. X 15
Burpee x 2
Mountain climber IC. X 15
Burpee x 2
Carolina dry docks. SC. IC. X 20
Burpee x 2
Copperhead squat. IC. X 15
Burpee x 2

Mosey to the track for Indian run laps (X 2):
Backpedal the straights, fwd in turns
Burpee x 2

Mosey to THE hill for bear crawl DORA:
Partner 1 exercises while partner 2 bear crawls down the hill, then bear crawls back up the hill: (We all now realize why bears can’t run down hill).
100 plank jacks
150 squats
200 LBC
Burpee x 2

Mosey to practice field for some fun with tires and Spartan training: (31 inch mud terrains with rims intact)
Line up with only 2 or 3 pax per tire. Each relay performed fast for the entire length of football practice field:
1) 1st man flips tire 3 X then run to back of line
2) Pax in line 10 yards apart in dry dock plank.
First man pushes flat laying tire under the next man,
Then runs 10 yards ahead to dry dock plank.
(Pushing the flat tire in tall grass proved to be more difficult than it sounded on paper, and there was mumble chatter about Jell-O legs at this point).
3) Pax in a line 1-2 yards apart, backs to the field.
1st man pulls tire between legs to next (like hiking a football), Then runs to end of line.
Burpee x 2

Stay on the practice Field for Four corners:
Run between each station, but always facing west: Fwd, side shuffle right, bwkds, side Shuffle left. (Somehow the stations got further apart as work out progressed… We slowly figured out that Laettner enjoys throwing cones!)
Stations: Side straddle hop, alt shoulder tap, Hand free merkins, alternating lunges.
10 reps of each, and most Pax completed 4 laps before a hard stop at 06:15.

No time for Mary but YHC felt plenty of abdominal work today with the “tire hiking”.
COT for count off and namarama, F3 workout announcements made, purple rain reminded us to sign up for the Cape Fear Brolympics, and a prayer by YHC. We lifted up Snookie’s M in her treatment transition, his son’s friends who were victims of a car accident, people in the path of the storm, and we thanked God for showing his love through people helping each other in so many ways. ⚔️

YHC truly enjoyed Q’ing this morning. Great effort by the Pax! It is awesome to see the progression of these men since the spring. Great push through the run Snookie! (1.4 miles today). And after the excessive bear crawls and tire pushing, if we only would of done some WW ones on the asphalt, we would of done all of purple rain’s favorites!


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