• When: 12-7-17
  • Workout Style: BOOT CAMP
  • PAX: Blart (Respect), Sniffer (Respect), Suitcase (Respect)
  • AO: Back Blasts

YHC felt like Rodney Dangerfield this morning as Mother Nature was giving no respect with a weather forecast of cold and rainy. YHC was wondering if anyone would show. YHC did get a HC from Blart the night before so I was pretty sure I wouldn’t be alone. YHC rolled up as the rain began to lighten up. It never rains on an F3 workout, right Monkey Wrench. One vehicle slid in, then another and finally my HC came with the flag. It was going to be a morning to show respect as all our members serve in the respect club. We covered all our aches and pains with some quick mumble chatter and the 1 minute was given. YHC stated what F3 stood for and a flawless mission statement. Four strong men headed off with an average age of 52, thanks Blart for bringing down the median age.


Mosey to and around tree of life for SSH x 20, Sun Gods x10 each way and Abe Vigodas x 10

Mosey to the Carterican Court flag for Cotton Pickers x 10, Imperial Walkers x 10, and Good Mornings x 10.


Mosey to the basketball court for Forest to the Sea, Bear crawl, 5 burpees and crab walk, unstacking to 1.

Mosey to the picnic tables for 3 rounds of Dips x 25 SC, Step Ups IC x 25, Earkins SC x 25, Prisoner Squats x 25 SC

Mosey to the beginning of the baseball parking lot closest to the stadium.

Do exercise designated by YHC at the beginning, at each gap and at the turn

Hand release merkins x 10=50, LBC’s IC, x 10=50, Alternating shoulder taps IC x 5=25, cut short by YHC so we would have time  for Mary

We covered a little over 2.5 miles.


WW1’S X 20, American Hammer x 20, Protractor


Workouts tomorrow, look for them on Slack

Blart took us out in prayer with the reminder of earned respect. Respect members should be an example for all who follow in our footsteps. We should be thankful we are able to do what we do and use what God has given us to serve him.

YHC, as you would expect was nervous about starting a new AO. I would like to thank all my PAX brothers for the encouragement. The last line in the Daily Maxwell that Jang puts out says this, “If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you’ll never get it done.” I could have thought about doing this for another 3 weeks and not started it. I hope you all will spread the word, so we can help make more men better. A special thanks to Blart for his HC the night before, to Sniffer who was committed on Wednesday with a verbal and Suitcase who came to support the cause, T-claps men. I will calling on my fellow Respect brothers for some Q help starting next week.

Ron Burgundy, Ronnie B, Burgundy

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