• When: 02/22/19
  • Workout Style: Boot Camp
  • QIC: Sparkles
  • PAX: Dumpster Dawg, Princess, Cheech, Half Time, Purple Rain, Snookie, Sparkles
  • AO: Back Blasts, Cape Carteret Expansion

No Respect in the West? Have we ever had a workout with all young bucks under 50?  With Navy and Couch Potato nowhere to be found, seven strong circled up for a quick warmarama, side straddle hops, cotton pickers, L over R, R over L.  The idea of pull ups suddenly sprung to mind so we lined up for a PAX pull up challenge.  First in line would mosey around the tennis courts to the pull up bar, in the dark, by themselves, on the honor system, as many pull ups as you can do in one set.  Mosey back to the line and next man up.  The group performed merkins, side straddle hops, LBCs, etc as it was PAX choice.  Next we decided to count the number of parking spaces in the lot.  This proved to be tough with this group as Dumpster Dawg started to unlace his shoes when he ran out of fingers to count on (just kidding buddy, you did great).  We started with merkins going toward the road adding one at each line.  Mosey to the next and back peddle to the start.  When we finished at the road, we let Princess pick the exercise for the way back.  He had this honor because he won the pull up challenge, be sure to ask him how many he knocked out because it will amaze you.  Back we went with LBCs in cadence.  At the end the mumble chatter switched to Zion’s famous Nike shoe so we went to the basketball court for a quick Four Corners.  Only four burpees at each corner as time was running out.  Mosey to the flag with 30 seconds to spare.  Time for one more burpee before the hard start.  That was 17 burpees for your Anniversary Princess!

Namearama, announcements for the Lejeune growth, PR on FOD, PR for his Birthday Q at Boonedocks on Tuesday.  Prayer requests for PR’s M, Half Time’s workload, and Snookie’s Grandmother.  PR took us out as only he can.

I wasn’t 100% this morning with running on very little sleep, but you gentlemen gave me the push I needed to get my butt in gear.  Many thanks to each of you.

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