• When: 03/23/19
  • Workout Style: Boot Camp
  • QIC: Pillbox
  • PAX: Navy (somewhat respectable), Dash 8 (occasionally respectable), Frank N Beans (respect), Focker, Leprachaun, Cooter, Princess, Half Time, Skid Mark, Pillbox, HC MIA-Dumpster Dawg
  • AO: Back Blasts, Cape Carteret Expansion, Field of Dreams

YHC arrived early and set the final plan on the Weinke. Skidmark first on the scene, shaking YHC’s car ready to get going. One of the newest PAX and he has done a great job in posting, keep up the good work! As the PAX gathered and assembled we gazed across the open field wondering aloud if there was to be a Sparkles sighting, but there were no lights lit on his home front today. Nope.

3-1 timer and disclaimer flawlessly given.


AbeVigodas IC, Cheech fights IC forward/reverse, Half Time casually saunters in for a minor assessment of 3 group burpee’s late fee. Next up is 12 burpee’s with a clap of applause in between each as our salute to the 2 teams of 6 HIM running in the Palmetto 200, keep up the good work boys your commitment and efforts continue to inspire us.  YHC will refrain from mentioning the mumble-chatter from the PAX here as to not besmirch the efforts of the Palmetto HIM.

Mosey on down the road to the first thang:

Jump the fence to ball field, Focker earns special mention for his display of vertical prowess as he sailed clean over the fence I think I heard Michael Jordan say “nice hops kid” proving that some rare white men can jump.  Otherwise the PAX could take the modified open fence (names withheld), to round the bases; 1st base 10 Catalina Wine Mixers, 2nd base 10 No Surrender Kneel down/up, 3rd base 10 Wiper Merkin’s , Home Plate 10 Copperhead Squats.  YHC was flattered with some flowery compliments for choosing the Wiper Merkin’s which brought me great joy, thanks fellas you are too kind.  Mosey onward with a jump over the fence or modified exit through the open gate (again names withheld) to the second ball field.  This time entry to the field required a mandatory jump the fence into the field because YHC used the wrong entrance, ahhhh oops?  But all were able to eventually work their way over with only some suffering minor scrapes of their Justifier’s so there was no need for the Duct Tape YHC keeps in his first aid kit. Round the bases again for third base 10 Star Jumps, Home Plate 10 Carolina Dry Docks, 1st base 10 pistol squats R/L, Second base 10 4×4’s.  Mosey out through right center field to the tennis courts for the next minor thang.

Tennis courts:

The Crazy Indian, All pax against fence in balls to the wall (BTTW) position. First pax at 1 end of line drops down from BTTW and runs to end of the line then gets back into BTTW position. Next pax follows for down the line.  Task completed YHC, always intrigued by trivia, asked for a count of how many Indians were in the group and learned that Cooter lays claim to being 1/10,000 pure American Indian. Nice, 2 burpee’s for the Indians.  Next up a lightning round of Rouchamburpees.   Now YHC’s Rouchambeau is a hand sign game of Rock Paper Scissors, But not for Dash 8 and Cooter who were discussing whether or not it should be the Southpark version which involves a small twist of the game where both players kick each other in the balls until one falls and the other person standing is deemed the winner. This generally means the first person to go is guaranteed to win the game. It was introduced in Mecha-Streisand where Cartman plays the game with Pip to resolve their argument over discovering an arrowhead.  Thankfully there are no arrowheads on the Tennis courts today and we could play YHC’s version and save the nutsack’s.  Sometimes the Q just has to make decisions for the good of the group.  So the Rules, shoot on three and Winner does a Merkin, Loooooser does a burpee.  Turns out the Navy pretty much sucks at this game loooooooosing 9 out of 10 rounds.  Now I know who to partner up with next time as YHC was partnered with Leprachaun who clearly used his powers of Irish Luck to thwart YHC years of experience at Rouchambeau to a 50/50 win ratio.  Well played Leprachaun, well played.  Next some plank work to slow the heavy breathing from the loooooooser burpees.  10 Straigh Plank Cross Taps which is plank w alt knee pulled up to alt elbow R/L, and 10 Straight arm side plank with crunch R/L.  Mosey off cross the fields to the next minor thang.

Quarter Pounder: Across the football/Lacrosse field for 25 Merkins, 50 SSH, 75 Squats, 100 Mountain climbers on the respective yard lines.  Walk back to the starting line.  Post workout review YHC forgot the run back to the starting line after each exercise, so the PAX completed the round in only 7 minutes.  With plenty of time left on the clock YHC called for the Double Quarter Pounder albeit the now known modified version.  Cooter said that he likes his Quarter Pounder with Cheese, but with no bricks in sight and with Griswold off running the Palmetto there was no one to cut the cheese, so poor Cooter went without.  Sorry buddy.  Mosey to the Pavillion.

Pavilion work:  25 Erkins and 15 Alt Shoulder Tap w a Derkin.  Some minor chatter about the number of Merkins this morning?  What, like YHC calls as many as Purplerain does? HA!  Short Mosey to the playground for a little core work in Boat/Canoe.  Again with the mumble chatter, concerns about getting splinters in the PAX posteriors from the mulch, Maybe there’s a lot of moisturizing and skin care in the PAX?  YHC thought it would be softer than the pavement, but you live and learn.  Who knows, but Boat/Canoe completed and no offer to check for splinters, Mosey off to the far parking lot to the facilities building.  YHC was attempting to be accommodating should any of the PAX require to pull an Elvis and visit Graceland as we do have a PAX named Skid Mark, see what I did there?  With no movement in that direction YHC called for a partner up round of BTTW and 3 burpee’s.  Partner 1 BTTW while 2 performs 3 burpees, switch for four rounds. Task completed short Mosey to circle up for Mary.


A little rotational lead with first time calling for Frank N Beans on the Dying Cockroaches, Skid Mark on the LBC’s.  Nice work gentleman, learning to lead the counting only takes a couple of times and you get it down pat and steps you closer to taking the Q for a workout.  ABC’s lead by Half Time who assured the PAX that he does know the alphabet but has just never done the exercise in Mary.  Proven to be true to his word, he does know the alphabet.  Dumpster Dawg would have been proud if he hadn’t HC’d and fartsacked. Navy up next and wanted to call his own Mary but YHC noticed he was fully supine, aka splayed out fully on his back, and YHC thought he might call “Have a nice Day” so instructed him to lead Birdman Crunches.  Always up for the task Navy delivered in fine fashion.  Up next Princess, not waiting for an assignment, immediately called for American Hammers.  Dash 8 up next and got one over on the Q by calling the “Have a nice Day.” That’s the second time Dash 8 has tricked the Q, (first time was on an Indian run where YHC was following and he neglected to slow to pace as the lead and YHC had to run him down).  Well played Dash.


Jacksonville starting AO on May 11.  Focker to wed one of Navy’s 2.0 in two weeks


Cooter lead us out with heartfelt prayers for Laettner & Family, Fockers nuptials.

Lunchbox thank you for the keys today, always a pleasure to be with the PAX.





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