• When: 05/07/2018
  • Workout Style: BOOT CAMP
  • PAX: Chatlee (Respect), Proctor (Respect), Blart (Respect), Buckeye, Newman, Chainlink, Holiday mansion
  • AO: Back Blasts

YHC had a great workout planned but it all depended on the low lands of Newport. A heavy rain on Sunday and a quick walk on the field meant an Omaha. YHC did put the word out that B shoes and wet weather could happen. Blart was the only one to take YHC serious as he showed up in his man tights and shoes older than Chainlink. The PAX began to gather and the countdown was given. One last truck rolled in at the 3 minute mark and we all hoped Pasqually was done with vacation. No, it was Holiday Mansion. Let’s be honest it couldn’t have been Pasqually with three minutes to go. He is a one minute guy. Insert your own joke. Monkey Wrench???? YHC wasn’t sure if he could Q without the support of Monkey Wrench. Feels like being left at the alter but we must press on. 7 men joined YHC on a road to nowhere.


Mosey the parking lot about halfway and stop for SSHx20, Sun Godsx10 Each Arm, Windmillsx10

Mosey out of the parking lot into the road for Cotton Pickersx10, Hillbilliesx10 with Blart keeping YHC straight. It was at the end of the exercise a car went buy and YHC called for the PAX to chase it. Chainlink was ahead for a while but the car had more horsepower. The PAX wasn’t sure if YHC was serious and didn’t make their way until they were sure.


Start by the road that runs by the community center for some Rack and Stack. The PAX would do 5 of each Hand Release Merkins, WW1’s, Carolina Dry Docks, Boss Tweeds and Squats. Hard mosey to the next intersection. Blart informed YHC that are no intersections only T’s. OK to the next tee for 10 of each exercise HRM, WW!’s, CDD, BT and Squats. Hard mosey to the next “T” 15 of each. Hard mosey to the end and do 20 of each. Reverse the field and work your way down 15, 10 and 5. We had the luxury of doing Boss Tweeds as a car went by and Proctor thought he was being punked for retiring. We wouldn’t do that to some one? Yes, just didn’t think about it

Mosey to the BBall court for the world famous Forest to the Sea. Bear Crawl halfway, 5 burpees, crab walk the other half, rinse and repeat 4 burpees etc… until one.

Time for some table work Dips IC x 15, Earkins x 15. Holiday was quick to tell YHC he was glad we were doing more tricep work. Dips and Earkins x 10 and one last set Dips and Earkins x 5.

Pax ran a complete lap around the parking lot. They did so good we did another half.


LBC’S X 25

Gas Pumps SC x 25

Protractor to take us to a hard stop



Workouts tomorrow check Slack Holiday @ the QAR, Creflo @ the B, Shroom @ the Dread, and Blart @ the Boonedocks

Prayers lifted for a guy Buckeye knows. He lost his life fighting in Afghanistan and they are doing a movie on that fire fight. We are sure the family will have to relive some painful memories. Police officers in Pineville as they lost one of their own. Proctor is good friends with chief there. They have a brotherhood all their own. YHC took us in prayer reiterating Creflo’s words, be in the word and be in prayer. Take care of your 3rd F.


I know Blart worries about the Knarr but it’s really a great location. It has open space and tones of potential. We need to keep EH’ing those we know and it will grow. The addition of Chatlee and Proctor put the Respect members even with the young guns. I’m not sure why every PAX member wouldn’t want to come out on a morning like this one. I think back to the cold, wind, snow and ice and live for mornings like these. Do yourself and others around you a favor and post tomorrow…somewhere

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