• When: 07/25/10
  • Workout Style: Boot Camp
  • QIC: Ricardo
  • PAX: Swash - 7/25/19 PAX - Ricardo, Pasqually, Ron Burgundy, Monkey Wrench
  • AO: Back Blasts

YHC arrived at about 5 minutes until the hard start to find Ronnie B and Monkey Wrench already stretching – the Respect Club needs a little more time to stretch out those older muscles… Pasqually followed me in. He gave an SC and then made it 5 minutes early. Miracles do happen! No blue lights for him either. I know we had some great Q’s in Carterico today, so I was afraid I may be all alone. I’m thankful for the three who showed up. My goal this morning was variety and to use the whole campus. I didn’t say it ahead of time, but I decided to do my LEAST favorite workouts today. Like Monkey said, that’s how you get stronger. I hate the following: Bleachers, Pull Ups, Derkins, Monkey Humpers, Bear Crawls, and Indian Runs with Burpees. So, that’s what we did today.

Mosey to the Front Parking Lot
I’m not sure if these numbers are accurate because the Mumblechatter was so strong. All the conversation prevented counting by the PAX – but we had a good time!
20 SSH
10 Sun Gods – forward and back
10 Cotton Pickers
10 Windmills
Mosey to the stadium
10 Imperial Walkers
R over L; L over R

The Thang
Partners with Bleacher Snakes
50 Merkins (25 each)
100 LBCs
200 Squats

Pull Up Bars
Partners with Lap around Building
AMRAP until partner completes a lap
Pull Ups
Mountain Climbers
Air Presses

15 Dips
15 Derkins
15 Urkins
10 Dips
10 Derkins
10 Urkins

Tennis Courts
7s – 6 Monkey Humpers/1 WW1

Front Parking Lot
Bear Crawl to next Parking Space
Lt. Dan to next

Indian Run back to Flag
Last person does 5 burpees and then runs to the front

Mary – PAX Choice
Ricardo – American Hammers
Ronnie B – Boss Tweeds – Ronnie B wanted to impress Pocahontas – who has arrived for Cross Country Practice
Pasqually – Dying Cock Roach
Monkey Wrench – Hello Dolly’s
Ricardo – Heels to Heaven

Exercises tomorrow, check Slack
Prayers for all of our PAX – especially those we have been praying for a lot recently. Laetner’s wife is having surgery tomorrow.

The PAX circled up in a BOM and YHC led in prayer.

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