• When: 12/04/17
  • Workout Style: Boot Camp
  • QIC: Laettner
  • PAX: Monkey Wrench (Respect), Ron Burgundy (Respect), Blart (Respect), Chainlink, Buckeye, Ricardo, Laettner
  • AO: Back Blasts, Ft. Benjamin Park

Helping get the Knarr kicked off a few months ago… YHC was excited to post with Blart and the Newport crew this morning in the gloom. 7 PAX in total, Mission Statement etc. given, a lap around the parking lot and through the picnic tables for

Sungods IC x 10 (Forward and Reverse)
Burpees SC x 10
Imperial Walkers IC x 10
Burpees SC x 10
Good Mornings IC x 10
Burpees SC x 10

Over to the picnic tables for 2 Rounds of…

Urkins SC x 25 / Step Ups SC x 25 / Dips IC x 25 / Squats SC x 25 / Durkins SC x 25 / Monkey Humpers IC x 25 / Burpees SC x 10

Mosey back to the shovel flag to Lunge half way across the parking lot. Then over to the rec building.

World War I’s SC x 25
Freddy Merc’s IC x 25

“7’s or Perfection or Completion” (Whatever ya wanna call it!). Run to 3 spots or medians in the parking lot to perform each called workout 7 times at each station. Total count once back to starting line would be 49

Merkins SC x 49
LBC’s IC x 49
Wojo Squats SC x 49
Burpees SC x 49 + 1 at the end = 100 for the day (Instead of running, Bearcrawl/Crabwalk/Lunge and Repeato to each spot)

Mosey back to the picnic tables for

Monkey Humpers IC x 25 / Urkins SC x 25 / Step Ups SC x 25 / Dips IC x 25 / Squats SC x 25 / Durkins SC x 25

Over to the parking lot to Lunge back to the shovel flag for a Hard Stop. YHC broke it up into two stops, to which RB asked the meaning why. YHC explained that feeling small victories help us to go a little farther!

Prayer requests were given, announcements made and Ron Burgundy took us out in prayer. First time today getting to post with Ricardo and Buckeye! Way to push yourselves fellas. Chainlink is a beast and I think is gonna have a train full of burpees at his Virgin Q coming up so if you want some, thats the place to be! Always am inspired while posting beside the Respect crew of Monkey Wrench (the transformer) suffering through some pain, Ron Burgundy (the legend) and Blart (the visionary of the Knarr). I know you guys are starting a Respect AO but your presence makes a huge difference in us younger guys lives… more than ya realize. Thanks for being you.

If you haven’t make the trip to Newport for the Knarr, you are really cheating yourself out of something pretty cool. Blart will NOT turn ya down and you’re guaranteed to be stronger when ya leave. Thanks for the honor of letting me Q Blart.


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