• When: 08/21/18
  • Workout Style: Boot Camp
  • QIC: Monkey Wrench
  • PAX: Plunger, Doogie (Respect), Mee Mee, Aflac, Bedsore, Denver, Puddles (Respect), Stairway, Biscuit, Suitcase (Respect), Ron Burgundy (Respect), Frosted Flake
  • AO: Back Blasts, Queen Ann's Revenge, Rotary Park

When Suitcase contacted YHC on Sunday asking me to Q the QAR on Tuesday I had no hesitation in accepting.  I guess I’m finally getting comfortable in Q’ing because, in the past, I would have freaked out with only 2 days to prepare.  Of course, I signed him up to Q the Carterican Court later this year.  Fair is fair.

The Pax gathered in the warm, humid gloom of Rotary Park and at the 5:30 hard start we were off.


  • SIDE STRADDLE HOPS X 15 In cadence
  • ABE VIGODA X 15 In cadence
  • SUN GODS X 15 Forward and Reverse In cadence
  • WINDMILLS X 15 In cadence


I called for a variation of one of my favorites, the Merkin Mile.  The Pax ran 1/2 of the Rotary Trail, stopping 8 times for 10 MERKINS at each stop.  Then we ran a short mosey to the picnic shelter for 3 rounds of DUDS (DIPS, URKINS, DERKINS, and STEP UPS), 10 reps of each exercise.  We tried to catch our breath in the thick air as we walked over to the soccer field and, under the watchful eye of Mama Osprey, we sprinted to the middle light pole, did 5 BURPEES, back peddled back to the starting line and sprinted to the wall that separates the Crossfitters from the FREE WORKOUTS.  At the aforementioned wall, YHC had the Pax sit in the PEOPLE’S CHAIR while doing AIR PRESSES as each man counted to 10, then we did it again.  Finally, we moseyed to the Tree of Life for another of my favorites, what I like to call Thighs Afire.  This consists of SQUAT HOLDS followed by MONKEY HUMPERS.  We did 5 SQUAT HOLDS, holding each for 5 seconds, then 10 for 10 seconds then MONKEY HUMPERS, repeat.

With the hard stop quickly approaching, we moseyed back to the flag for:


YHC asked for various members of the Pax to lead us in an exercise and this is what we got:

Suitcase led us in X’s and O’s

Ron Burgundy surprised us with a round of SUPERMANS.

Frosted Flake wound up the Mary with LBC’s.


Prayers were lifted up by YHC for Tommy Creech, Jimmy Rivers, My T Sharp’s 2.0, and teachers and students who will soon be returning to school.

Thank you to Suitcase for giving me an opportunity to lead and “volunteering” to lead the Court later this fall.  I need to improve in volunteering to take these opportunities rather than wait to be asked.  As a site Q, I know how hard it can be to keep the schedule filled.  Do yourself a favor and sign up to Q.  It’s really not hard and you will be better for it.  It doesn’t get easier, but you’ll get better.




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