YHC was excited to be back on the Q after such a long time away from it. I arrived a little early to get stretched out and watch the Pax roll in. Tar Hole was already there with the shovel flag blowing in the morning breeze. A few others were circled as well and mumble chatter ensued as we waited for the other Pax to roll in. 5 min and 1 min warnings were given. At the last possible second a Kiwi came rolling in hot on two wheels and it was time for a hard start. A flawless intro with definition, disclaimer, and mission statement were given and we were off to…


We did a short mosey over to the concession stand and circled up. Exercises were as follows:

Burpees x 2 oyo, Good mornings x15 ic, Burpees x 2 oyo, Hillbillies x 15 ic, Burpees x 2 oyo, Abe Vigodas x 15 ic, Burpees x 2 oyo, Imperial Walkers x 15 ic, Burpees x 2 oyo, Cotton Pickers x 15 ic, Burpees x 2 oyo, Sun Gods x 10 ic, Burpees x 2 oyo, Reverse Sun Gods x 10 ic, Burpees x 2 oyo

After some mumble chatter from Purplerain accusing YHC of trying to do every warmarama exercise in the exicon, we moseyed to the track for…

Merkin Mile

Four laps around the track, 16 corners, merkins at each corner starting at 16 and counting down at each corner until we did 1 merkin at the final corner on the last lap. Great job by the Pax to stay together and pick up the 6.  136 merkins total and 1 mile covered. From there we moseyed to the tennis courts for a Lunchbox original…

Indian Bear Chair

The Pax lined up on the fence wall of the tennis court in people’s chair position. One at a time, the last man in line bear crawled to the front of the line and resumed people’s chair. We continued that around the perimeter until we reached the opposite gate and headed on out to the biggest hill in Western Carterico for…


Pax would start at the top of the hill with 10 LBC’s and then run to the bottom of the hill and do 1 monkey humper. Exercises would increase/decrease in standard 11 fashion until we did 1 LBC and 10 monkey humpers. We then moseyed over to the picnic tables for…

Dips x 25 sc, Erkins x 20 sc, Derkins x 15 sc

With time running short and being a good ways from the shovel flag, we moseyed to the parking lot and YHC called for an Indian Run back to the shovel flag. Rounding the corner and seeing the shovel flag up ahead, YHC had to make a decision to make, head straight to the flag and be on time for the hard stop, or circle back to pick up a struggling 6 who is pretty new to F3. Not a hard choice to make. “Leave no man behind, and leave no man where you found him”. I called for the Pax to circle back and pick up the 6. Three Pax had tight schedules and made the call to miss COT and headed to their cars. The remaining Pax joined the 6 and made the mosey together back to the flag. 6:17 hard stop.


A couple quick announcements about upcoming Q’s and the convergence next weekend. Prayer requests given for Skidmark and his M and for Alyssa Fountain. Kiwi took us out with a thoughtful prayer in a ball of man.

Thanks Tar Hole for the opportunity to lead these fine men. Thanks to Kiwi, Laettner, and others who stayed on me while I was fighting the fartsack for the last year and encouraged me to get back out there. I appreciate all of you and it’s my honor to be named among you.



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