• When: 04/26/2018
  • Workout Style: BOOT CAMP
  • PAX: Water Wings, Duck Butter, Monkey Wrench (Respect), Frosted Flake, Rooney, Reef Donkey, Blue Cross, Carleton, Porky, Steamer, Deebo, Bedsore, Creflo Dollar, Jang-A-Lang, The Second Mile, Bayliner, Rameses, Gertrude (Respect)
  • AO: Back Blasts

YHC rolled up to find Monkey Wrench in a conversation with one of our Carteret County Sheriff’s Deputies. I was about to put a call into Proctor or Blart for backup when it came to an end. Five 0 was checking to make sure we were not messing up the field and to inquire about our group. He used to live close by and Monkey gave him the EH. Note to all: We need to update our sites on the web, especially get that Knarr on there. I hear ya Blart.

Thinking back to Tuesday YHC remembers splashing around while running. YHC was inspired with an idea. I remember watching men run the steeplechase and thought about how to recreate it. Monkey met me early for some table moving and the landscape was set and it was time to wait on the PAX. You had your selection of Respect Q’s this fine Thursday morning, unless you decided to go East. YHC wasn’t sure what to expect and the PAX didn’t disappoint. They showed early and often. Creflo hadn’t planned on coming but the kids had him up and so he decided to post. Whatever it takes to you get you there I’ll take it. Jang was quick to ask about the music. I guess if you hint that there might be mingle music you better have it.  5 minute count down, 2 minute count and Rooney rolled in right on time, 1 minute for Bayliner and Rameses to decide what outfits they were going to wear and Duck Butter with a masterful parking job came in under the burpee wire. 19 men showed to make each other better.


Mosey to the far parking lot at Big Rock Stadium and at the suggestion of 2nd Mile we did the extra 50 yards and used one of MHC’s finest as our turning point. He was busy on his phone checking to see if the hot light was on and didn’t pay us much mine. Circle up for SSH’s x 20, Sun God’s x 10 each way and Abe Vigodas x 10. Mosey to the tree of life for Cotton Pickers x 15, Rocket Hillbillies x 20, Basic Stretch L over R and R over L. Mosey to parking lot in a single file line from the oldest to the youngest. Without Pedro, Boss Tweed, Puddles or Doogie in the mix YHC proudly took his place up front. Some were finding their way to the front and realizing RESPECT is just around the corner.


Partner up with oldest teaming up with the youngest and down the line. Move to the large soccer field in the middle for some DORA. The PAX would be doing 100 merkins, 200 LBC’s and 300 Squats as a team. Partner A would start with the exercise and Partner B would run. The run would consist of going around the bathrooms, through the covered picnic area and over the three tables, turn left, go over three more tables and return to your partner. Lots of mumble chatter about wet shoes, going over metal tables. YHC has had many bad ideas in the past and acted on most of them. Jang was the first casualty of the shin biting tables. The PAX also found out that the field can be wet after it rains. Pre-blast stated bring a dry shirt. YHC heard talk of how much the field reminded some guys of the old menhaden plant that filled the skies with a pungent smell. G-pa would always tell me “That’s what money smell like”

Mosey to the parking lot with the BBall courts. YHC dreamed up the Apple Turnover but wanted to try an added addition with the PAX. PAX would bear crawl three lines, turnover to the crab walk for three lines and then do crawl bear for three lines. Pax would od the length of the parking lot. Once complete backward run the parking lot up and back.

Mosey to the bathrooms and get down for some OPP. Partner A would do people’s chair with alternating overhead claps and seal claps and Partner B would do 20 plank jacks. Partners switch until they reach 100. There was some confusion about this one and YHC will make sure he is more concise with his instruction at his next Q’s. We did have 15 minutes to kill and we could have let Steamer do the instruction. After all teams completed their 100 we did two laps around the tables and finished with 5 burpees. Pasqually said it isn’t an official F3 workout without them.

Mosey to the other soccer field because I think we sucked up all the water out of the first one. Gert stated that YHC could be on track to break Tiny Dancer’s record of most mosey in a workout. YHC called for Super 11’s doing WW1’s and Hand Release Merkins. Do 11 of each exercise on one side and run to the other do 10 run to the other 9, 8, 7, 6, and YHC called time on 5, because it was time for


American Hammer or Thor’s Hammer since the Avenger’s Movie comes out tomorrow x 25 IC

Rosalita x 15 IC

One round of Big Sexy Pickle Pounders, Boss Tweeds and Monkey humpers x 15 IC. Duck was quick to point out that Bedsore had a look of ecstasy on his face. I going to take his word for it because the disclaimer clearly stated you are not to look another man in the eye.



Workouts tomorrow Hashmark-Squid, Stampede-Pineapple, and Rucky Duck-Puddles

YHC took us out with prayers for the families who have lost children over the past week. Please remember our clergy and those that get hit with the question about God and why things happen. It’s easy to say God is loving and be faithful until you lose a child or someone you love. As you strengthen yourself each day with your F3 workout, strengthen yourself spiritually and be ready for Satan when he comes to shake your faith.

It is always a pleasure to lead the fine men of F3. This Q was my largest PAX to date. It be intimidating but I know the PAX is there to pick me up or correct me when needed and that makes me better. The weather is as good as it’s going to be for a while, so let’s wake some of those sleeping giants. We can do 60 easy next week, so pick someone out and encourage them, that guy in your office or your dentist, right Gert. HC and let the Q know you are coming, he will appreciate it.


YHC Ron Burgundy

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