Lunchbox has been pulling crazy hours all week, working to make the lighting for Christmas at Glad Tidings an amazing spectacle for this weekend (which he pulled off by the way.) YHC knew to be ready in the wings just in case he was needed due to the 3 in the morning Hard Stops being pulled by the scheduled Q. Sure enough, a message was received about 6:15 am describing the all nighter being pulled due to it being the day of the big show, asking for some help at YHC’s AO. T-Claps to Lunchbox’s incredible dedication and execution at our church, even though someone Fartsacked on a HC (Lassie). Way to post Doublemint!

A PAX of 10 gathered by the Shovel Flags for a workout called the Replacement Bulb. YHC’s hope was that he would succeed in putting together a challenging working for all of the men who posted on this insanely beautiful morning. Mission statement given, and it was time for

Imperial Walkers IC x 15
Burpee¬† x 1 OYO for McGregor’s late arrival
Sungods IC x 10 (Forward and Reverse)
Burpee’s x 2 OYO for Plebe and Backsplash’s late arrival (McGregor said it was their fault he was late)
Good Morning IC x 10

Mosey to the picnic shelter to grab a bench/bleacher for some exciting rounds of
Dips IC x 25 / Step Ups SC x 25 / Urkins SC x 25
Dips IC x 20 / Step Ups SC x 20 / Urkins SC x 20
Dips IC x 15 / Step Ups SC x 15 / Urkins SC x 15
Dips IC x 10 / Step Ups SC x 10 / Urkins SC x 10
Dips IC x 5 / Step Ups SC x 5 / Urkins SC x 5

Feeling like things were getting started off well, the PAX lined up on one speed bump facing the road and Lunged the distance of about 50 yards. The legs were burning just a tad at this point. A mosey to the road and back to the start of the Carteret Bearcrawl Speedway. Partner up with Partner A completing 25 SC Squats while Partner B Bearcrawls around the “Speedway.” PA runs to catch up with PB after completing, places switched and repeato. This was done for 3 rounds allowing each team to complete the course. It was discovered over the course of the day that Birdman really thrives on Bearcrawls. T-claps to you my friend! Impressive as your engine was way more souped up than the rest of us! Partners were grouped going youngest to oldest, mixing up the PAX in a cool way.

Mosey around the baseball field to the short soccer fields for a little Leap Frog action. A workout was done, followed by PA balling up, and PB leaping over PA, all the way to the end of the field. Ladybug said he wished McGregor was his partner. Didn’t we all! Most impressive 14 year old I know. And the only 2.0 of Plebe not to Splash Merlot during a workout…

Merkins SC x 20 / LBC’s IC x 20 / Leap Frog
Doublewide Merkins SC x 20 / World War 1 IC x 20 / Leap Frog
Hand Release Merkins SC x 20 / Freddy Merc’s IC x 20
Alternating Shoulder Taps IC x 20 / Birdman Crunches IC x 15 (Each Leg) Led by the man himself
Burpees x 20 (Everyone did these together on my down) / LBC’s IC x 20

Mosey over to the soccer field were YHC had placed Pillbox’s loaned crutches at each 25 yard line and his book bag at the 50. The Rec Dept. had 1305 signs up to NOT go on the football field and YHC being a Pastor figured it would be a good thing to respect those wishes, so the PAX lined up by the soccer goal to await instructions.

Bear Crawl to the 25 Yard Line and Plank for the Six / Back Peddle to the Goal Line
Bear Crawl to the 25 / Crab Walk to the 50 / Back Peddle to the Goal Line
Bear Crawl to the 25 / Crab Walk to the 50 / Inch Worm to the 75 / Back Peddle to the Goal Line
Bear Crawl to the 25 / Crab Walk to the 50 / Inch Work to the 75 / Broad Jump Burpee to the 100

To finish up the workout on time, a few Jailbreaks were in order to end up back at the Shovel Flags! Honestly, YHC would have been extremely slow to call them 4-5 months ago, but these men are different than the guys that started out back in May. They are stronger, faster, and believe in themselves more than ever before. JWow showed some wheels on these bad boys.

Jailbreak 25 yards / Jailbreak back 25 yards
Jailbreak 50 yards / Jailbreak back 50 yards
Jailbreak 75 yards / Jailbreak back 75 yards
Jailbreak 100+ yards all the way to the Shovel Flags picking up the coupons for a HARD STOP!

Posting with you men, gets my day started off right. Whatever the day may bring, taking care of business in the gloom with F3 brothers helps me believe I can handle any and everything that I face, with God and the support of my family and you guys. Thanks for letting me have the opportunity to grow myself and let me be a part of helping you do the same. Physically, but most importantly spiritually and as a man. I wasn’t the scheduled Q and felt like a Replacement Bulb, HOPING I would make the strand work and glow once I got stuck in. Prayer requests were shared and prayed over by Plebe. PS. Ya still have time to get to Glad Tidings tonight at 7:00. Do it! Ya wont regret it! Until the next time…


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