• When: 02/01/2018
  • Workout Style: BOOT CAMP
  • PAX: BLART (RESPECT), CREFLO DOLLAR, FNG now known as Quack
  • AO: Back Blasts

YHC pulled in right behind another eager PAX member who was ready to get rolling. Blart soon followed so we approached the stranger. It turned out to be Plunger who was looking for the Swash. Luckily he showed up early to give himself to leave us. 5 minute was given when Creflo pierced the darkness with an FNG. 4,3, 2, 1, Time. Mission statement given with all the disclaimers and we were off.


Mosey to the front of the church for SSHx20, Sun Godsx10 each way and Abe Vigodasx15

Mosey back to where we started Cotton Pickersx15, Hill Billiesx15 and Good Morningsx15


Starting in the corner of the parking lot by West Carteret we did Merkinsx10 and Box Cutters x10, 3 rounds. Brisk mosey aways around the edge of the parking lot til YHC decided to stop for hand release merkinsx10 and Low Slow Fluttersx10, 3 rounds. Brisk mosey to the GT entrance by CC Apartments for diamond merkinsx10 and Squatsx10, 3 rounds. Brisk mosey back to start for 2 rounds of merkins and box cutters x 10, mosey to our next stop for 2 rounds of hand release and low slow fluttersx10, mosey diamond merkins and squats x 10 and brisk mosey back to start. Same routine doing 1 round of each at each stop.

Lt Dan half way down the parking lot with Creflo reminding YHC about the hard stop.


One round of American Hammers x 20 to complete today’s work

It was great to see an FNG this morning, welcome Quack. The men worked hard and kept encouraging one another. It is always a pleasure to lead and nice to hear Creflo and Blart throw a little mumble chatter my way. YHC took us out in prayer.

As I reflect on my first year in F3 I have experienced many things but I have to thank some people. T-claps to Holiday Mansion and Devlin McGregor for the invite. It wasn’t easy at first. I remember my second week, running in the dark, the cold and finding myself alone and not really knowing where anyone else had gone. I was ready to quit at that point. I really didn’t need this crap and if leaving people to make it on their own was how it worked, I could go back to the gym. I ran a little farther when I was met by a large figure in the darkness, Nipple shot. He told me he still remembered being the 6 and someone came back for him, to get him through the workout. I wouldn’t be writing this today if Nipple Shot hadn’t come back for me. A huge thanks. You may find me a little sensitive about the 6, only because I remember being there.I want to thank all those I have got to know over the year. I know many of us would not have crossed paths because life is that way sometimes. If we talked, fist pumped, sweated beside each other or joined in the circle of trust, THANK YOU. I am far from perfect but I try and improve everyday. Together you help me make a difference.

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