It had been a minute since old dependable Dash 8 had Q’d so I tricked…I mean asked him if he would like to share a Q with me.  He happily obliged and we split the duties. Dash on the opening and closing and YHC on the Thang.

As the HIN’ers unceremoniously split off without so much as a “have a nice day”, Dash8 jumped into gear and took over the 10 who showed for the bells.  (Yes, even Shaft was there already.) With textbook precision he took us through the mission statement, core principles, and other things that we rarely hear without an FNG present.  We were off to a great start and YHC was proud of the little guy.  Dash 8 took us on a little mosey to start WARMARAMA:

  • Side straddle hops IC x 20
  • Alligator Merkins IC x 10
  • Down dog/cobra strechy thingys
  • ATM’s IC x15 (minus the T’s and the M’s…SMH) 

YHC then took over for the THANG.  We moseyed back to where we left the bells only to find that the cool kids had played a trick on us and hid some of our bells.

Cue the hazy flashback effect…<Shivers went up my spine and I was suddenly back in middle school with my thick glasses and pocket protector worried about being slammed into a locker in the hallway.  I see Nippleshot in his varsity jacket coming towards me and laughing maniacally with the other football players.> End flashback, back to present day at MHCCC.

Shake it off Navy, back to business.  After a brief search, the missing bells were recovered and we were back on the plan. The idea was to partner up.  P1 would do a KB exercise while P2 did a bodyweight exercise. Flapjack, repeat.  Start with 20 reps, then 15, 10 & 5.  Mosey to the next station, rinse & repeat with a new set of exercises.  The Pax really liked this.  YHC could tell by all of the happy mumble coming from Poca.  We completed the following:

  • Stop 1 – KB Swing & ‘Mericans
  • Stop 2 – KB Snatch & Squats
  • Stop 3 – KB Squat Press & Plank Jacks
  • Stop 4 – KB Bob & Weave & Dry Docks
  • Stop 5 – KB sit up & press & LBC’s

THANG 2 was in the pavilion for some leg work. We completed two rounds of the following:

  • Box Jumps IC x 10
  • Glute Bridge left leg up SC x 10
  • Glute Bridge right leg up SC x 10
  • Glute Bridge SC x 10

Dash 8 then took back over for MARY which consisted of:

  • Dips IC x 25
  • Erkins SC x 20
  • Dips IC x 20
  • Erkins SC x 15
  • Freddie Mercs IC x 20

Dash 8 had a little trouble trying to distinguish between the way he counted a boot camp and the F3 way to count.  You can take the boy out of the Marine Corps but you can’t get the Marine Corps out of the boy…Ready, get in position, move, in cadence on my down and go…exercise.

YHC had to run back to the car to get my phone for name-o-rama so I missed announcements and prayer requests.  Lemon Jello took us out with a powerful voice and prayer.  If you haven’t had the pleasure of hearing this young man lead the COT in prayer, find a way to do so.  There is something very special about the certainty and conviction with which he goes to the Lord that makes it a moving experience for YHC.

Moleskin – it was a beautiful morning and we had a great mix of guys out there – young and old, clydesdale and gazelle, quiet and not so quiet.  What a great honor and pleasure it is to have the chance to spend it with each of you.  Thank you Sponge Bob for giving us the opportunity.

For Dash8… this is Navy, Out.

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