• When: 02/12/18
  • Workout Style: Bands
  • QIC: Wilson
  • PAX: Dancehall, Immigrant
  • AO: Band of Brothers

Left the windows open at the house last night and was awoken by an absolute down our, I immediately took @Pedro name in vain as I was taking his Q.
Headed for the AO and the rain started to let up, arrived to see @Immigrant waiting and @Dancehall arrived shortly there after.
Had planned on doing a little rolling workout, but with the weather and the having rucked at least 3.5 miles the last 3 mornings I decided to Omaha and try and keep the workout as dry as possible.
As the time came to start the Mission statement was given by all the Pax and we did a mosey around the block and back around to some cover right in from of Southern Salt.

Warm O Rama consisted of:
Sun Gods IC forward and back with some Cherry Picking in between
Side Straddle Hops IC
Cotton Pickers IC
Imperial Walkers IC

It was then time for the thang:
15 Arm Curls Left and Right
15 Shoulder Press Left and Right
15 Upright Row
15 Chest Press

Then a little mosey to Jack’s and back
20 count per pax People’s Char

Repeat the thang

LT Dan to the Island Girl and Back

Repeat the thang

Mosey to Jack’s and back
10 Squats with a 5 count in the down position

The thang

Mosey to Jack’s and back

The thang and then back to the vehicles for a hard stop.

Announcements were made, Prayer requests for @Dippers Dad and @Immigrant took us out in prayer.

As always it was my honor to Q and there is almost no better way to start the day.


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