• When: 7-21-18
  • Workout Style: Beach Boot Camp
  • QIC: Steamer
  • PAX: Plunger, Cooter, Enus, Pasquale, Birdman, Navy, Putin, Steamer
  • AO: Back Blasts, Hwy 58 & Islander

It was a rainy day in Emerald Isle.  The HCs were light in volume and the ride west was long, but YHC was ready to work hard on some unfamiliar sand.  As 7:15 came closer, the trucks started piling in from the boys at the Field of Dreams. With a welcome, disclaimer, and mission statement given we mosey’d east on the bike trail for:

Warm A Rama:

SSH IC x 25

Sun Gods IC x 10, rev x 10

Cotton Pickers IC x 15

Good Mornings IC x 15

Mosey to the Islander Hotel

In the big parking lot at the beach access we partnered up for catch me if you can.

P1 run backwards, P2 3 burpees catch P1 flapjack, rinse and repeat.

Once completed we headed to the beach for:

The Thang:

Beach Suicides

4 cones 30 yards apart run in suicide fashion doing the last exercise reps at the finish.  The exercises were:

Hand Release Merkins IC x 5,5,5,5

Mtn Climbers IC x 5,10,15,20

Palate Cleanser standard suicide

Groiners SC x 5, 10. 15, 20

Dry Docks SC x 5, 10, 15, 20

Prisoner Squats SC x 10, 20, 30, 40

Time to partner up again.

There were 3 cones.  One was in the soft sand about 25 yards from the hard sand, soft sand border, one where the hard sand started and one 40 yards down the beach.

P1 run to the lifeguard stand, bear crawl to a far cone, Lt Dan back to the life guard stand, and run back to your partner. P2 would do the following starting at the cone in the soft sand:

Hand release merkins IC x 10

Bear crawl to the second cone closer to the ocean

WWIs SC x 10

Crawl Bear to the water

Carolina Wet Docks SC x 10

Run in the water and dive in

Run or swim in at least waist deep water down to the far cone

Run out and around the cone back to the first cone

Rinse and repeat until P1 returns

Flapjack, rinse and repeat 2 rounds

5 minute swimming and such

5 minute run back up to the parking lot by 58.


Sasquatch next Saturday, Pasquale just started rambling for 4 minutes, Cooter took us out.  It was great Qing in a different AO and see family and friends to the west!

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