YHC rolled up to the parking lot a little early to find Monkey Wrench already in place with the shovel flag out. As we waited a few minutes wondering if we would be the only to show, two unrecognizable cars pulled up. Possible FNG’s? Nope, 3 pax from the west. One who was named Projectile, yeah you can guess how he got his name. 1 minute was called and the Mission statement was given. Off to the courts for Warmarama.

SSH x 15 IC

Cotton Pickers x 10 IC

Sun Gods – forward & reverse x 10 IC

Windmill x 10 IC

Left over right & right over left stretch

Time for a mosey to the upper parking lot for the Thang:

There are 6 light poles going down the longer section of the parking lot. YHC instructed the pax we would be doing a rack n stack. Run down 2 light poles, run back 1 for 5 burpees. Run down 2 light poles, run back 1 for 5 burpees & 10 merkins. We continued this pattern until reaching the last pole. Adding 15 plank jacks and 20 squats at the 3rd and 4th poles. Short mosey to the last pole to work our way back. Replacing the burpees with groiners, we ran down 2 light poles, back 1 for 5 groiners, 10 merkins, 15 plank jacks, 20 squats. We continued this back down the poles dropping an exercise at each stop.

Next up to the outfield wall for a 20 count people’s chair then Peter Parkers x 4 IC. Back to the wall for a 20 count people’s chair, peter parkers x 8 IC. You get the picture. Each man gave a 20 count while we worked up to 12, 16, 20 peter parkers.

Time for a mosey over to the far picnic shelter.

Dips x 10 SC, Erkins x 10 SC, Derkins x 10 SC. Down to the tree of life and back.

Repeated above exercises and added box jumps x 10 SC. Down to the tree of life and back.

Repeated above exercises increasing to 15 reps and added copperhead squats x 10 IC. Down to the tree of life and back.

Dropped the arm exercises. Completed box jumps x 15 SC, copperhead squats x 15 IC, LBC x 15 IC. Down to the tree of life and back for hard stop.


4 workouts in Carterico tomorrow. Pax, try to remember to post pre blast on twitter for the out of town folks.

Prayer Requests:

Swag from Carpex had a prayer request that should hit home for all of us and luckily ended on a good note. His son almost drowned earlier this week while they are here on vacation. He got out too far trying to find a sand bar, got caught in a rip current and went down after he struggled. By the time Swag got to him his lips had turned blue and face was pale. Luckily Swag got to him in time and they were able to bring him back. Things can change in an instant, luckily this ended well.

Monkey Wrench took us out in prayer,

Always a pleasure,




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