23 men decided to shrug off the lack of sleep and other conditions common on New Years morning to attend the 8th Anniversary of F3 Nation workout at WCHS. Originally scheduled for 8am because one former Nantan had a fit when 7am was discussed, it was then moved back to 7am when another Nantan had his own fit, texting YHC furiously that it must, he repeated, must be at 7am. He being the current Nantan, 7am it was. Of course the current Nantan then fartsacked on his pax, an inspiration to many apparently.  YHC had the first 30 minutes before handing it off to Tiny Tony Dancing Danza, so we headed out quickly for the running path for a Dreadnought style . . .


In the WCHS parking lot:  SSHs 15 IC, stretch

In the corner of the path:  CPs 12 IC, stretch

At the next light pole:  Sun Gods IC 11 forward, 10 reverse, Merkin’s Dog

At the bridge: Imperial Walkers 15 IC, more stretches

Next we continued with a taste of the Dreadnought running back to the high school stopping along the way for . . .


At the bridge: 5 Hand Release Burpees

At the same light pole: 5 Hand Release Burpees, 10 Hand Release Merkins

In the Glad Tidings parking lot: 5 Hand Release Burpees, 10 Hand Release Merkins, 15 WWIs

WCHS south side parking lot: 5 Hand Release Burpees, 10 Hand Release Merkins, 15 WWIs, 20 Wojo Squats

At the WCHS track: 5 Hand Release Burpees, 10 Hand Release Merkins, 15 WWIs, 20 Wojo Squats, 25 Plank Jacks IC

We then partnered up for . . .


Catch Me If You Can w/5 merkins. This went on for approximately one lap until we hit the 30 minute mark at which point, TD took over for some additional SSHs before . . .


Sevens with extra pain, Burpees & Spider Merkins (no Tiny, a Peter Parker doesn’t include the merkin). That pain took the form of bear crawls across the football field (or Lt. Dans) and a backwards run on the way back. Pasqually was having a little fun mumblechatting the Q at this point. The Q’s reaction reminded me a little bit of Sgt. Hulka dealing with Bill Murray.  We all paid for it.  Thanks, Pasqually.

We then headed to the home side bleachers for . . .


One partner runs a bleacher snake while the other exercises for a total of 50 diamond merkins, 100 squats and 150 monkey humpers. And finally it was back to the football field for . . .


100 yd sprint, 100 yd mosey, 100 yd sprint, 50 yd high knees, 50 yd karaoke, 50 yd butt kickers

We then moseyed back to the flag for . . .


19 American Hammers IC


TD asked us all to talk about something we were thankful for in 2018, and then Purple Rain took us out with a great prayer. Coffeeteria was moved to the Dunkin Donuts across from No Name, which Lassie swore he did not know was there. Maybe he really doesn’t ever travel west of Chick-fil-A.  As always it was an honor to lead.


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