Tuesday morning broke as many have these past six months, damp, sticky, and warmer than appropriate for the season.  Knowing that the recent rains and time itself have helped to mitigate the levels of raw sewage present on the soccer fields at Rotary Park (at least compared to when Duck ran the post Florence Q there) I was excited be back on the soft grass with a group of HIM ready to do battle.  Taking my usual leisurely stroll from the neighborhood to the park a crowd was already gathering and Ronny was already warming up his typical mumble chatter of positive encouragement toward the PAX at large as Lassie serenaded the local residence with some wake up Journey on his radio.  Time drawing near we began as follows:

Disclaimer and mission provided we began a mosey around the grounds as we waited or Steamer to outfit himself fully and join the PAX, meeting at what was once known affectingly as the Osprey Pole (Thanks to Florence that is no longer the case).


  • Windmill IC X10
  • Cotton Picker IC X10
  • 5 Burpees just for Steamer.
  • Runners Lung (15 CT – Both Legs)
  • Imperial Walker IC X 15

Gathering up at the center pole on the soccer fields the instructions for the forthcoming Wagon Wheel were explained.  We would circumnavigate the Soccer fields sprinting from the center pole out to the six most distant pole (skipping the two side poles) and would preform an exercise both at the far pole and at the center pole for each out and back, exercises are all 20 CT OYO:

  • Merkins/LBC
  • Diamond Merkin/Dying Cockroach
  • Doublewide Merkin/Travolta
  • HR Merkin/Peter Parker
  • Ranger Merkin/WWI
  • Wiper Merkin/LSF

Once completed we moseyed over to the picnic area for a round of the following:

  • Dips X 20
  • Urkins X 15
  • Derkins X 10

No time to spare, so up and around the large soccer field to he far sideline for a round of 7’s!

The 7’s would be performed starting with 6 Spider Merkins and 1 Burpee working until the count was flipped to1 Spider and 6 Burpees.

Seeing as that was a snotwaggler and knowing YHC had a heart rate north of 200 a Peoples Chair on the outfield fence of Bi Rock Stadium made complete sense….10 Count by each man and then back on the mosey to the Picnic Area for another round of the following:

  • Dips X 20 CT (Called by Frosty)
  • Urkins X 15 (Called by Lassie)
  • Derkins X 15 (Called by Lamar…the last five were a bridge too far!)

Time to start the cool down…to mid-field for a Plankorama

  • 30 Ct – Chillcut Plank
  • 15 Ct – Right Arm Up
  • 15 Ct – Left Arm Up
  • 30 Ct – Chillcut Plank

Time for Mary

  • American Hammer X 30
  • Protractor X forever – Thanks Ronny B
  • Dying Cockroach X 20…Thanks Lassie
  • X….(Never made it to the O)…Thanks Monkey Wrench.

Namorama, Announcements, BOM completed and another QAR in the books!

Thanks to all who showed up, pushed hard, and kept the PAX in spirit!  As always my pleasure to lead such a wonderful group!

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