YHC was glad to see a cooler morning than the 95% humidity of Monday. As I rolled in around 5:20 I found Creflo and Villa already getting ready for the Anchor B and found Monkey having planted his own flag at the QAR ready to roll.  As the faithful Pax rolled in the 1 minute warning was given and at hard start the mission statement was given, disclaimer skipped but the 5 core principles recited.  For any newbies to F3 the core principles are 1. Free of charge, 2. Open to all men, 3. Held outdoors rain or shine, heat or cold, 4. Participant led in a rotating fashion with no formal training or certification, 5. end in a circle of trust.  With the PAX justifiably impressed, we were off.  We moseyed to the tree of life for a prearranged warmara with Creflo and the Anchor B boys.

Warmarama: SSH x 20 IC, Sungods x 10 IC forward and reverse with overhead seal claps x 10 IC in the middle. Abe Bigota x 10 IC, Imperial walkers x 10 IC, Cotton pickers x 10 IC and lastly hand release merkins x 10 IC. It was pointed out that Duckbutter would not approve, fortunately for YHC Duck is no longer the Nantan. Boom! With that we split off from the Anchor B’s.

The Thang: We would do a round of 11’s with a twist since the fields were wet.  We would do 1 WWI and 10 monkey humpers at the starting point, run the full circle around the lower 2 parking lots back to the start and perform 2 and 9, repeat for 10 rounds until we were back to 1 WWI and 10 monkey humpers.  From here we headed to the big rock wall for the special Holiday balls to the wall burpee relay.  Partner 1 goes ball to the wall while partner 2 runs to the parking lot median and performs 1 burpee and returns for the partner switch.  This continued for 5 rounds increasing by 1 burpee each time to a total of 5 burpees per man while partner holds to the wall.  These sound real good up until about the third round from there you just have to embrace the suck.  By round 5 one wonders did his partner just leave or is he ever coming back to the wall. With these behind us we took a breather slow mosey around the next street light and back to the soccer field for the next round.  Having done the 11’s early on, naturally a round of 10’s would be in order.  The PAX would do 2 reps of the called exercise in the starting corner, run the long side of the field to next corner and do 4 reps, run across end zone to next corner for 6 reps, run the other long side for 8 reps and back to start for 10 reps for a total of 30 reps.  The first exercise was the merkin, round 2 was the LBC IC, and round 3 was the prisoner squat IC.  To cap it off we added a round 4 where the PAX did 5 reps of all 3 exercises at each corner for a total of 25 more reps of each.  From here we moseyed to the sound of Monkey giving us a 10 count as we ran.  No time for 10 counts standing still Ramses.  At the picnic shelter we did dips x 20 IC followed by old man box jumps x 20 SC followed by dips x 10 IC and box jumps x 10 SC.  With 90 seconds left we headed for Mary where we did a 90 second American hammer and hard stopped at 6:15.

Thanks to the boys who showed today and gave 100%.  We kept it moving covering something over 2.7 miles and getting in a lot of reps.  A big shout out to Bongwa who is getting back to it after a few months of paternity leave.

We covered announcements. Beach run tonight and Vote for Lassie early and often! and YHC took us out in prayer.  It was my pleasure today.

Holiday M.

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