• When: 10/03/2017
  • Workout Style: Boot Camp
  • QIC: Puddles
  • PAX: Suitcase, Shroom, Rooney, Ron Burgandy, Chain Link, Monkey Wrench, Lassie, Craig (FNG) Puddles, Holiday Mansion
  • AO: Morehead City, Queen Ann's Revenge, Rotary Park

Ten men gathered in the gloom at Rotary Park to get stronger and better while pushing themselves to work harder.  The weather was DB perfect with little wind and clear skies.  .  At just a few minutes past 5, while parked  near the basketball courts YHC noticed a light heading his way.  As it got closer, it was obvious there was a runner attached to the light.  Here comes Monkey Wrench getting a two mile standard in before our 5:30 hard start.  T-Claps to MW for putting in the over time. One by one the rest of the Pax trickled in.  Shroom arrived with FNG Craig. Since some of the exercises would be done timed as opposed to counting reps, YHC was spending a little to much time fiddling with his phone to make sure I knew how to operate the stop watch feature.  With no time to spare the one minute warning was issued. As the clocked ticked down to game time,  YHC invited the Pax to form a COT where we had a moment of silence for the victims of the Las Vegas shooting and were were reminded of how beautiful and peaceful we have it here in Carterico. After a few seconds of silence we broke the COT and moseyed towards the parking lot between the soccer field and basket ball court for Warm-a-Rrama.  Ron Burgandy was heard mumbling about the lack of Mission Statement, disclosures, etc. We stopped at the basket ball courts where the welcome was issued, the mission statement was recited flawlessly, the Pax was encouraged to go at their own pace, disclaimer was disclaimed and Warm-a-Rama was begun.


Long arm plank, one minute.

60 Mountain Climbers (30 each leg)  OYO

5 Burpees  SC


Left over right then right over left


A quicker than mosey run to the other end of the soccer field and back.  We then turned to the basketball courts where the Pax was clearly instructed ( at least YHC thought it was clear) to run from the grassy strip just behind the courts and touch each line (end line, free throw line, half court line, etc to the end) running back to the end line after each touch.  After finishing YHC didn’t think we had run quite enough and after some degree of mumble chatter it was decided that we had not touched the foul line on the opposite end of the court.  The reason it was not touched was because YHC didn’t specifically tell the Pax to.  We had to make up for it so off we ran to the other end of the B-ball courts to touch the foul line and run back.  We briefly recovered and again ran to each line on the court and back till each line was touched.  Much better effort the second time.  We may have done a third sprint and line touch but YHC was still SMH that the Pax would somehow find the far free throw line exempt from a touch and my focus was temporarily lost.

We then turned our attention to the soccer field.  7 minutes were put on the clock and the drill went down like this:

10 squats at the end line of the field.

Bear crawl to the first cone, approx 25 yards away.

Sprint to the next cone, also 25 yards away.  Do 10 Burpees and recover jog or walk back to the end line.  Wash, rinse and repeat. Not sure how many rounds we did but I’ll guess it was 4 or so.

Next, we moseyed to the fence behind the walking trail where we did balls to the wall with a twist. Up we go and each Pax gave a 5 count.  When done, we came down from the fence and did 3 Burpees then immediately resumed balls to wall position.  Each man again gave a 5 count then we came off the wall for 4 Burpees.  Then one last time, finishing off with 5 burpees. Any and all mumble chatter was replaced with heaving breathing after the finish of that one.

Back to the end line of the soccer field for 3 minutes of what YHC calls  5-10-5

5 Merkins OYO

10 Squats OYO

5 Burpees OYO.  ‘

We ran to the first cone and back after the completion of each set.  We did 3 or 4 sets.

YHC then presented the Pax 2 coupons which were  PVC pipes full of sand and weighing about 12 lbs each.   We divided into 2 lines and proceeded to Indian run to the far end of the field.  On the first run down and back, the Pax that had the pipe ran with his pipe raised above his head.  On the second run the pipe was held with arms extended out.  Two rounds of that was enough.

Finally, the last exercise didn’t go exactly as planned but that’s ok.  The pipe was again held above the head as each man lunched to the first cone.  Some confusion occurred as to how the pipe would get back to the end line for the next man to lunge with.  YHC had not thought this one through to well but everyone got a round in I think.  I’ll prepare better for that one next time.

Running a minute or so late, we hustled back to the parking area for Mary. YHC lead the Pax in a round of 20 frog hops and low slow flutters,  Lassie led us with another exercise but by that time my brain is fogged up and I don’t recall the exercise. Announcements: Sign up for Bridge Run,   Shroom then introduced Craig (FNG).  There we several potential F3 names batted back and forth but we were running a little over so the Pax decided to name him at Coffeteria.

Ron Burgandy took us out in a heartfelt prayer.

Strong work this morning men and as usual it was a pleasure to lead


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